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Sunday April 1, 2018

The Rode Institute is a cutting edge provider of education, workshops, and trainings for the advancement of sovereign partnerships, sexuality, and spirituality. Beyond what Ben and Jen do in 3D space, I want to take you on a journey of what they are creating in this world in a 5D space from my perspective. They believe in creating your life in 5D (5 Dimensions). This means co-creating your life with your higher self free from the daily limitations that we put on ourselves and on our world. They are disruptors of status quo in the greatest way possible. They’re living “The American Dream” in Costa Rica on 114 acre luxury retreat and co-creative space in the mountains, surrounded by jungle and waterfalls. They continue to push the paradigm of what is possible for themselves and for others. Ben said to me, “Jen and I have always liked to live in places with the ‘Holy Sh*t* factor, but this place, Synergida, has the “Holy F*ck” factor.” And they are so right! They basically live in a luxury palace in paradise and invite people to share it with them on a regular basis. They keep pushing what they believe is possible for them in terms of relationship, business, and the way they SPEND their lives. And yes, they run a multi-million dollar spiritual empire while raising two children of their own! They believed they could have it all and then they created it! But it wasn’t too long ago, when they were asking themselves the SAME questions most of us ask ourselves- what the heck is all this?! What is MY purpose? How do I start LIVING instead of slaving my time away for money? They dug deep and they PLAYED! They even snuck into a high...... Read more on Full Issue!

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