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Sunday April 1, 2018

The Rode Institute is a cutting edge provider of education, workshops, and trainings for the advancement of sovereign partnerships, sexuality, and spirituality.

Beyond what Ben and Jen do in 3D space, I want to take you on a journey of what they are creating in this world in a 5D space from my perspective.

They believe in creating your life in 5D (5 Dimensions). This means co-creating your life with your higher self free from the daily limitations that we put on ourselves and on our world. They are disruptors of status quo in the greatest way possible.

They’re living “The American Dream” in Costa Rica on 114 acre luxury retreat and co-creative space in the mountains, surrounded by jungle and waterfalls. They continue to push the paradigm of what is possible for themselves and for others. Ben said to me, “Jen and I have always liked to live in places with the ‘Holy Sh*t* factor, but this place, Synergida, has the “Holy F*ck” factor.” And they are so right!

They basically live in a luxury palace in paradise and invite people to share it with them on a regular basis. They keep pushing what they believe is possible for them in terms of relationship, business, and the way they SPEND their lives. And yes, they run a multi-million dollar spiritual empire while raising two children of their own! They believed they could have it all and then they created it!

But it wasn’t too long ago, when they were asking themselves the SAME questions most of us ask ourselves- what the heck is all this?! What is MY purpose? How do I start LIVING instead of slaving my time away for money? They dug deep and they PLAYED! They even snuck into a high end luxury spa one day and spent their day IMMERSED in what it would FEEL like to live that lifestyle. They kept asking and asking, and TRUSTING in a higher power. A power that could allow them to co-create their life instead of trying to control everything, in a space where there is no control! It led them to AMAZING heights and achievements in life and business.

It led them to balance and joy.

Their greatest assets are each other. A truly high-vibe couple, they rely on each other’s wisdom and believe in co-creating their life together. Jen spends a lot of time meditating and living in a divine communion with a higher power, while Ben stays grounded and puts the action and masculine energy into their business. Together they meet in the middle, and it is a POWERFUL communion.

They are an inspiration to the relationship world as well as, in my opinion, doing amazing things in the realm of healing the world from its sexual wound. They are breaking PAST the paradigms of sexuality and sensuality and leading people to EMPOWER themselves in this area of their life. They are powering through guilt and shame around our sexual centers, our CREATIVE center of our body, and bringing it back to being a beautiful place of exploration and empowerment. Now know this, I am not talking about sex, though it can be a part of this. What I am talking about is our SEXUAL energy; the energy that is literally the house of our CREATIVE center, and is tied to connection, communication and sensuality. It is some POWERFUL energy they are bringing to the table, and it is NOT for everyone!

That is why they’re one on one services are very exclusive. They hold retreats monthly and sometimes bi-monthly at Synergida. They share their lives in a luxurious, all inclusive resort. Their retreats range from Transformational Healing to Sexual Magnetism to Holistic Medical Intuition Retreats. This is how I met these beautiful people.

I am proud to be one of the speakers at the Transformational Healing retreat from April 9th to 13th. It is going to be an amazing week of luxury stay, healing, and SPACE to reconnect with yourself, what you want, and to create your own life from limitless possibility. They also offer packages for this LUXURY ALL INCLUSIVE retreat at incredibly affordable rates to start!

It is my honor and pleasure to be able to offer you the gift of $500 off of any packages with discount code: katschulte. Go to http://synergida. com/#choose*This has no expiration date, and is good for ANY retreat you are interested in, but I would LOVE for you to come and do some Transformational Healing with me.

I love meeting new people in this space, especially those who believe in the balance and ABUNDANCE that life has to offer. I, like Jen and Ben, want you to know that you are limitless, that you CAN create the life you’ve imagined with the beautiful mind of yours. Ben and Jen are PROOF that anything is possible. So embrace your life of limitless possibility. Become a DISRUPTOR of the status quo by spreading your TRUTH and continuing to break beyond the paradigms of what this world says is possible. We want you to know that you are seen, that you are heard and that you matter.

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