The Corwning Glory of Cora Aragon Soriano

Tuesday August 1, 2017

As titular Mrs. Philippines USA it is without bias that this is well deserved recognition for Cora Aragon Soriano. It has been a very long time coming for this woman I fondly call ‘Ms. Elegance’. She, of incredible substance whom I think every woman, lady, girl or child should emulate, learn and model from. A gutsy achiever with the elegance of a queen, gentleness of a woman and brilliance in her wisdom, she is above all a woman of faith. In our By Ed Rame community there are a lot of ladies who have wonderful stories to tell. Those who had triumphed against adversities, achieved great fame and power, wealth and glory, but very few were able to share the inspiration of having made it their way, their own way. Ms. Aragon has woven and fashioned her fairy tale of a story and like a few others I know, who are always selfless, volunteering, so giving and fearless in their causes to help the community she is seen in events that matter, especially those that bring social relevance and benefits for everybody. Being a community leader, she is a woman who never denies her presence to lend support no matter how humble it may seem. But most importantly, she is a wonderful Mom. Fittingly, the ambassador of goodwill because she possesses the qualities that can endear everyone to her causes. Though it is no brainer to choose her, Lou Razon and the committee of Ms. Philippines USA, did themselves a great honor, great job and brought prestige to their cause. Take a bow Ms. Elegance. Congratulations Ms. Cora Aragon Soriano!...... Read more on Full Issue!

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