Wednesday January 1, 2020


Beneath the hustle of Christmas shoppers and the bustle of holiday travelers, there exists an underlying happiness that spares no one and permeates throughout our home. There truly is no greater joy than spending time with family and creating new lifelong memories.

My top four reasons for being so infatuated with this festive time of year are:

1) Limitless decorations. Christmas trees, ornaments of varying shapes & sizes, creeping in and out of every crevice of the living room, dining room, atop the table, or garden – the possibilities really are endless! Streaks of red, ribbons of green, bits of gold, and dashes of silver light up every surface.

2) Cooking a feast for the senses. Everything from shopping for the finest ingredients; herbs so fresh you can smell it, aromas so strong you can taste them – to buying the best cuts of meat, juiciest hams, or savory wines to serve… It all culminates in the kitchen, the busiest room in our entire house, where I can truly explore my passion for cooking.

3) The gathering of friends and the bonding of families. Reunions eliminating distance, company parties, luncheons or dinners, Noche Buena, New Year’s Eve, even the Three Kings had it right! Bringing the party wherever you go to make the occasion plentiful.

4) ‘Tis the season of gift-giving. Shopping for presents brings me such excitement; I liken it to a mystery – having to figure out what each family member wants and analyze my friends’ needs. While traveling I am continuously hunting for the best deals and affordable prices. I derive more joy from giving than I do receiving. I just want to share what I have.

For me, nothing beats this wonderful time of year. And in an instant – it flashes before your eyes and passes you by before you know it. Every year I grow more thankful, recognizing the blessings that I have. I am grateful for what I have, and thereby do not want to waste any time in the new year. So 2020 will be a year to zero in on what is working, and eliminate the wastes of time. May your goals be as clear and your aim be as focused!

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