Monday January 1, 2018

The Sacred Self Series hosted by Stef, known as the “Relational Alchemist” and one of the most demanded experts in his field globally, shares keys to enhance the quality of your life, your relationship and in essence bring you closer to your potential. Stef Sifandos facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practices, an integration of spiritual Praxis and western psychology to improve, evolve and enhance the quality of your relationships. Stef is an international speaker and author. He works closely with people developing acute skills around cultivating a deep connection to self through vulnerability, masculine/feminine ‘whole’ emergence, empowerment and sovereign leadership. He guides individuals in connecting wholly and authentically in relationships. For the last 15 years Stef has been at the forefront of innovating the global Health and Wellness Industry, whilst being a sought after innovator in the personal transformation, relationship and leadership space. Stef’s extensive knowledge has seen him become a well-respected mentor and trainer to some of Australia’s top professional sporting teams, professional individual athletes and professional world champion fighters, Olympians, gold medalist’s and elite special forces soldiers. To learn more about his extensive qualifications, journey and to connect, visit www. StefSifandos.com and follow him on Instagram and Facebook....... Read more on Full Issue!

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