Success Stories – Luchie M. Subia

Sunday October 1, 2017

Lucita M. Subia, Luchie to most and as a matter of preference, started her venture in the corporate world sometime in 1999, right after graduation from law school, when she co-founded S-A Technologies, Inc. S-A Technologies is a private corporation trading and servicing industrial x-ray, ultrasound and microscope machines for the semiconductor manufacturer, which are thriving in the Philippines. With college degrees in Political Science and Law, S-A Technologies which was in the semiconductor business, was altogether alien to her, the only possible relevance of her degrees in the venture was probably how she can then conduct herself politically correct at least most of the time, before their clients. Nonetheless, having been pushed into it by circumstances and a business opportunity knocking, she immersed herself in crash studies of the semiconductor business. Browsing into a very slow internet service then and interviewing people of the industry, she learned and assimilated herself into the semiconductor corporate world. In due time she was already dealing with technical-savvy end-users on the technical specifications of her machines, while interacting with the middle and upper management groups for the financial aspects of the trade. Soon S-A Technologies became one of the major suppliers and service providers in the semiconductor industry of test equipment which are indispensable in ensuring quality and reliability at all times. In the middle of 2001 and after steering her first company to modest success, she sold her share in SA Technologies to her co-founders in order to focus her attention to healthcare industry and to jumpstart her second venture, the Maystar Company. She envisioned to establish Maystar Company as the company of choice when it comes to preference of suppliers of high-end and technology-driven medical equipment. Never did she realize that the healthcare industry was more...... Read more on Full Issue!

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