STEVE MARABOLI “The Most Quoted Man Alive”

Wednesday February 1, 2017

His quotes slay millions of hearts around the globe from their razor sharp truths, whether these address hopeless romantics, motivational mindset, or those who have gone through life in general. Steve Maraboli’s simple but powerful words will move you to reminisce about love, life, joys, and triumphs. His powerful messages reach about 50 million followers each month just on Facebook alone and hundreds and thousands more through other social media fora. From fields of Behavioral Science, Business Methodology and Social Philosophy, Steve is hailed by A-list celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo DiCaprio. Global leaders like Sir Richard Branson, motivational gurus and the world’s top business experts regard him as the best there is in his field. Steve’s great understanding of human behavior and his ability to portray it with the written word has been compared to those of Aristotle, Twain, Thoreau, and other men in history. Within a few minutes of meeting Steve, I surmised that this interview experience was going to be filled with humor, intelligence and straight talk. Steve Maraboli is down to earth but cunningly quick and intelligent to decipher human behavior, and, listens deeply to connect right to the heart. He put me at ease immediately and by the time the interview was over, I was made to feel that I left with a lifetime of friendship. Where to begin with this deep thinker, philanthropist, and global phenomenon who has written four international best-selling books? Let me take you on a journey to his humble beginnings and what made him the beautiful and inspirational man he is today. He has been dubbed by INC. Magazine as “the most quoted man alive” but life did not start out that way. Today, Steve who is hailed as one of the most...... Read more on Full Issue!

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