Thursday November 1, 2018

Recently, SO Sofitel Bangkok hosted its final international art showcase for this year called “Beyond Bangkok” featuring the Parisian jetsetter artist Louis-Nicolas Darbon. This Darbon’s debut exhibition in Thailand is made possible with Art Curator Axel Roudouin, CEO and Founder of SARTO International Fine Arts Asset Management and Executive Partner, Laurent Macaluso. This exhibit will be a two-month long and will run until 10 November 2018.


Louis-Nicolas Darbon is renowned for his portraits of iconic pop figures, his take on famous luxury brand logos and fashion-inspired artworks. Besides creating art on canvas, Darbon has worked with some of the world’s biggest fashion brands on bespoke illustration projects and digital campaigns, making him the personification of a jetsetter artist, who not only stands out from the crowd but also brings the worlds of art and fashion together. Some of his collaborations include Adidas Y3, A. Lange & Söhne, Berluti, Bentley, Montblanc, Morgan Motors, Panerai, Rémy Martin, Roger Dubuis, and Paco Rabanne just to name a few. Also, his collaborations extend to the creation of murals in luxury hotels and commercial venues worldwide. When asked to define the techniques used to create his colorful and fun iconic portraits, Darbon says “I use mostly acrylic and spray paint in my works and use different techniques such as works with stencil but most of my paintings are free hand painted by hand”.

Darbon has created over 15 series of art pieces in the past three years alone which have been displayed in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions nationally at his home-base in London, and internationally including France, Switzerland, the United States, Morocco, Japan, Singapore, and at the Art Basel Hong Kong. All of the pieces are described as colourful and fun, from iconic portraits with a twist to famous pop culture characters and playful fashion house logos with a street art influence.


At an early age of three, Darbon started painting and was enrolled in adult painting classes by the age of five before his parents built him a small studio (which they still keep until today). Only a year after, he excelled beyond his adult peers in not only techniques but also in his artistic expressions. He said some of his earliest influencers and remain hugely inspiring him until today are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Henri Matisse, Roy Lichtenstein and Salvador Dali.

Coming from a multicultural background with extensive travels around the world, Darbon has always had an open mindset and a drive to create art for people from different cultures and walks of life. The inspiration for each series varies depending on where in the world he is travelling at the time and what he would like to show to represent his vision and interpretation of that city itself.

“I find inspiration everywhere, from travels to magazines I read, new up-and-coming street wear and fashion brands and I get inspired from places I’ve visited and travelled to. It really depends what’s on my mind at that time. I get a lot of inspiration from current pop culture and what’s happening right now which reflects a lot of my work. Simple things like walking around Shibuya and being surrounded by neon lights or a stroll in the Miami Art Deco district or billboards in LA can bring inspiration to a piece and translate how I see the current pop culture on canvas. My art represents very much the time we live in.” says Darbon.

“Beyond Bangkok” came as an inspiration to pay homage to Bangkok as a city and to remind all of us that art is and can be understood by all regardless of our age, race, sexuality, upbringing, and that the essence of it transcends beyond the borders of cities and nations.

If you’re in town by 10 November 2018, come visit the Park Lobby of SO Sofitel Bangkok on the 9th floor to see Darbon’s colorful work. To know more about him and his works, you can also visit his official page

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