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Sunday October 1, 2017

Sunday, October 1st, 2017 will be a day to remember for decades to come. A day of sadness, untold loss, anger, fear, helplessness, and perhaps a litany of other unforgettable emotions.

I happened to be at a concert, myself. More specifically, on stage performing a faithful rendition of our National Anthem as part of the opening act.

As our Las Vegas community continually reflects on that fateful and tragic evening, many of us wonder how this can possibly happen, how an individual can act in such an inhumane and evil way. What could have taken over the mind of a fellow human being? Could this have been prevented? Could this atrocity happen again next year? Next week? Tomorrow?

Scary, isn’t it?

After learning of such events, I often think of what would cause such a tragic event. Of course, terrorism comes to mind first, but what about the “homegrown” situations? My husband vocally pondered upon the idea that these things didn’t happen with such deadly frequency a decade or two ago. I asked him to elaborate on his thoughts. He brought up the pharmaceutical industry and their unrelenting flooding of airwaves and more recently, the digital and internet deluge of instant or miracle cures via an unassuming pill one can pop down the proverbial hatch daily to cure a multitude of age old and “invented” ailments. Does your leg twitch? Do you feel tired, anxious, nervous, depressed, jolly, angry, lonely, claustrophobic, tall, short, fat, skinny… you get the picture. Please excuse me for sounding obtuse regarding medicinal use for genuine diseases and/or chronic ailments. I understand there are multitudes of justified prescriptions being filled every day.

He seems to question the quick availability to readily “cure” a child’s perceived inability to sit still and pay some attention at school. They take away football, tag, dodgeball, etc. at recess because of greedy lawyers ready to sue our schools for a scrape or broken bone. Thereon lies the problem, how can a little boy full of energy sit still and write poems all day while his energy reserves are nowhere even close of being tapped, much less depleted? Many of us already know the answer… what do the pharmaceutical companies call the lack of available attention one can give at any particular moment? Let’s see… how about something that sounds like a disorder… hmm.

You get the picture.

What happens to the chemical makeup of the synaptic fluids in the brain? Perhaps the fluids are altered a bit to create a more relaxed individual who magically sits and “obeys”. Problem solved! Or is it? What may happen when an individual is suddenly taken off these zombie inducing drugs? Do you think there’s a chance the person may not be himself? Or maybe do something that those of us not on these pharmaceuticals, may deem crazy? Like shoot up a school, a restaurant or night club, or perhaps set up a perch a few hundred feet up, looking down at a couple thousand people with several thousand rounds to fire off.

I implore the public at large to do themselves a favor and look into this epidemic, do a bit of homework on this subject. How readily available were these magical concoctions in a pill a decade or two ago? Is this starting to come together and make sense?

After all these horrific happenings, some good can be wrought from all this. I’ve noticed our Las Vegas community come together in a profound and extraordinary way. Complete strangers rising to the challenge and donating liters upon liters of blood, while others set up GoFundMe, Crowdfunding, etc. accounts to aid victims financially. Others provide free rides, transportation services, temporary free room and board, and many other selfless activities set up for those in need due to this terrible local crisis.

My husband and I are quite proud of how the Las Vegas locals stepped up to the plate and made By Esmeralda Padilla-Gould VEGAS VIBES good things happen. Perhaps the media should report on the fact that our community has shown complete color-blindness and racial harmony during this unsettling time. I haven’t heard nor witnessed anyone checking the color of the injured or fallen’s skin before administering aid or lending themselves in harms way to help another, for all the blood we have seen, spilled or donated was all certainly the same exact color.

Las Vegas stands united and our community proud for the heartache we’ve shared and the healing we have come together for.

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