Rivers are the Witness of Civilization Thames River

Thursday November 1, 2018

There are several bodies of water in United Kingdom and for now our star will be Thames River. It is the most well-known of Britain’s rivers because it is the third (including River Shannon of Ireland) longest river that covers 346 kilometres which flows through important and equally famous places like London, Richmond, Kingston upon Thames, Windsor, Henley-on-Thames, Oxford and Reading. The Thames is tidal when it flows through London. River Thames is just next to where my sister lives and it is my favourite place to watch the sunset whenever there is. The Romans landed in England in AD 43.In AD 50, they barricaded in the first shallow part of the river and they called it, Londinium (London). They KINGDOM ADVENTURES BY GILDA PINEDA DIONELA built the very first bridge where London Bridge is today.

Other historic events around Thames: Edward the Confessor made the City of London as the centre of trade; and the City of Westminster as the government centre.He dreamed of restoring the ancient monastery and built the Westminster Abbey. It was consecrated on 28th December 1065. He died on the 5 th of January 1066 and buried in his newly built church the next day. The successor of Edward was Harold, he was crowned king in Westminster Abbey, a tradition of nearly a thousand years that still in effect today.

The trade in London grew steadily within the continent and with other parts of the world along the banks of Thames. In 1700 London became the centre of early banking and financial activity, and world trade. Several bridges were built over the Thames because of this prosperity to name a few; Westminster bridge, Waterloo, Southwark and Blackfriars, Tower bridge and finally Millennium Bridge.

As of March 2018, London maintained its rank as the world’s leading financial centre despite strong competition from New York, Paris, Tokyo and other Asian leaders. London is the dominating financial centre in the world and when I went to the Royal Exchange, I saw a group of Japanese bankers posing in front of it. Japan has been trading internationally since the ancient times and is among the G7, yet their tourists are so impressed with the Royal Exchange building in the same way that I am. How do I know they were Japanese? I asked. Anyway, world trading didn’t start in London

. Origin of International Trading (Goods and Services)

Now is the best time to talk about trading. The result of Brexit is what the world is waiting for. London maintained to be the financial centre of the world and yet their faith in God, which was ingrained by their forefathers for thousands of years, eroded as quickly as a landslide. Edward the Confessor, who made City of London as centre of trade was a man of great prayer, he had a gift of healing. He was venerated as a saint in 1161 and the only major English saint whose body is still in its shrine at Westminster Abbey. The British people continued to enjoy the declarations and prayers made by Saint Edward and God-fearing leaders before and after him.

Today, her majesty Queen Elizabeth remains to be God fearing. Direction Magazine, an official publication of Elim Pentecostal church reported that last June the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast was held in Westminster Hall attended by parliamentarians including Theresa May. It was a private prayer meeting. As a member of a public what appeared to us on the surface, in the everyday environment is that most leaders in the powerful positions seemed to forget that the foundation of Commerce in United Kingdom which is housed in the Royal Exchange has an inscription chosen by Prince Albert taken from Psalm XXIV –“the earth is the Lord’s, And the fullness Thereof ”, United Kingdom is a Christian, Bible believing nation. Today, it appeared that in the United Kingdom not only in London, money and power are on top of everything. “The earth’s is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof “, in our lifetime in a not too distant future, the Lord will make them remember this verse once again.

The Word of God is powerful and alive. The earliest record of international trading began in Egypt. They started trading in the regions of the Levant (Iraq, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and areas of Turkey) Libya, and Nubia (Sudan). Yes, wealth and civilization started in these regions which are now predominantly Muslim nations. There is a preview of ancient international trading in the bible that we can consider as a model. King David and Solomon and their friend, Hiram, King of Tyre.

When King David was made king all over Israel, Hiram sent messengers, cedar trees, carpenters, and masons; and they built David a house. Since God didn’t allow David to build a house for Him because he had so much blood in his hands. Solomon was tasked to do it. Solomon commanded Hiram being his father’s ally, to cut cedar trees out of Lebanon for the house of God. The deal was his men will work with Hiram’s men, and Solomon will pay for their services, whatever wages he set. Solomon acknowledged that they have no one so skilled in knocking down the trees as the Sidonians.

God distributed skills and wealth to all people of different nations so that no nation would boast, they didn’t need anyone, anywhere because they had it all. Hiram agreed and in addition he asked Solomon to supply food for his people. Tyre was one of the cities of Phoenicia which was associated with Sidon, a place of sophistication and wealth (present day Lebanon). Tyre is wealthy, but the land is not suitable for growing crops that is why they depended upon their supply of food from abroad. The deal was closed. The object of the deal was to give glory to God by building His house. Solomon offered wages, Hiram counter offered what they needed, food. At the end the deal was mutually beneficial to both parties.

Not only the leaders like Solomon and Hiram satisfied, the workers were paid the wages and people had food on their table giving glory to God Almighty. This story is found in I Kings 5.

It is the detailed description of trading terms such as “goods and services”. Cedar trees are the “goods” and the skills of carpenters, masons and tree fellers are the “services”.

As of this writing one of the controversial negotiating issues in Brexit is that“ UK goods will remain in The single market, but not services”. The threat of leaving the EU “with no deal” is even more pressing every day as I work on this. What I am trying to point out is that international trading is not new, and the bible is never obsolete. Even international trading is discussed in detail in the bible and is applicable today. The basic principles of trading between Solomon and Hiram are; Loving God who created heavens and earth, a leader full of wisdom, skillful (working while able) member of the society and a well look after the environment (cedar). These resulted to peace, satisfaction and glorify God. While on earth no man or nation can brag of superiority over the other. Because each man and nation have one common need, mercy from the Creator of heaven and earth. Ancient history up to the present proved wealth and prosperity are temporary.

Who knows who is wealthy today and not tomorrow? Wealth is not evil, but the idolatry of it is. Different deals we encounter every day, but they are no big deal at all. The biggest deal that every person must face is the assurance where to spend their life when they leave earth. Technological advancement grow so fast nevertheless there is something that never change no matter how sophisticated or how simply a person lived. We are born, then after that, we must leave everything behind us.

Rivers of Living Waters

One day, earthly civilization will end. A new one is coming. And there is one and only requirement needed to enter that Kingdom, faith in Jesus Christ that He is One with the Father and the Holy Spirit. What is the biggest proof that there is life after death? The resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus was and is historical figure when He came on earth he didn’t show and teach people how to get rich. He taught and demonstrated about eternal life.

John 7:38, ”He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water (KJV)”. As soon as we believe in Jesus Christ, He promised the Holy Spirit will dwell in us. The Holy Spirit is the living water of the river that never ends. The Holy Spirit is the only witness that there is one source of all rivers that will carry us into an eternity of peace and prosperity, He is Jesus Christ.

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