Thursday November 1, 2018

In old town Pasadena, all ready to head on to another interview at DusitD2 Hotel Constance, Manila Up International Magazine was privileged to interview one of the 6 most fashionable ladies among Malaysian Royalty. We were so delighted and excited to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with a Royal Princess. As we entered the hotel and walked anxiously towards where her Royal Highness, Princess Tengku Chanela Jamidah was seated, we were welcomed by her warm, sweet smile. Looking beautiful and elegant in a beige ensemble from her own label “THAVIA”. it was also a pleasure to meet her lovely younger sister, Princess Daza, who exuded charm and sweetness.

Her Royal Highness in her calm and soft spoken voice spoke to us about herself and asked us to kindly address her as Princess Jamidah. Not only does Princess Jamidah possess the smarts and talents in fashion and business, she is a fashion icon, who inspires a lot of women all over the world with her style. She could basically “rock” any style from casual, to athletic wear, formal dress, to chic and edgy. She is not your average Princess and is described as a “Triple Threat Socialite”. She’s a fashion designer, businesswoman and an icon. She is also a mom to two beautiful children and to able to stay top notch is amazing.

Princess Jamidah is also a member of the FROW of local and international fashions shows. Her Royal Highness is of Pahang royalty, is frequently photographed in a mix of international and local clothing designs especially in her own label “THAVIA” ,as well as her cosmetic brand “DIDA”. She started up with her first baby project “ULTRA”. ULTRA was a collaboration of different minds sending out the message in support of sustainable fashion.

THAVIA is more about who she is, her personal style and about women empowerment. DIDA on the other hand is all about customers and women who are both confident and feminine. She’s often spotted in simple, unique and daring styles. This comes to show that one doesn’t need extravagant fashion to look good. Her statement about fashion: “Style is not about trends. It’s about portraying your personal image and your attitude through the way you dress.”

When it comes to her personal likes, these are to have her privacy, dress comfortably in denim or casual style to which she’s most comfortable and to be at times out of the public eye. She has used her voice on social media through campaigns of THAVIA and DIDA to inspire women. She said social media has subconsciously affected us in many ways that we are not aware of. But, the true measure of influence is to be able to at least inspire one woman, and putting herself out there becomes worth it. She is very adaptable to life, a very hands on type of person who manages her life and business. She’s creative, open minded and passionate about her work.

As we continued chatting with her, it came as a surprise to find out that her mom is a Filipina from the province of Bicol. She even speaks a little Tagalog with ease. Indeed she wears many hats, her mother has always said that she could take her from the “pasar” to the palace and she would still know how to act appropriately. Being flexible and resourceful are her strengths. She leads a colorful life, studied at both international and local school and resided in Australia and the United States to finish her studies. Growing up she was always into discovering things. An adventurous person with no regrets in life, she’s happy and contented where she is at this point in her life. She’s very active in the community and takes interest in what’s happening around the world.

To her it’s having ‘the eye’ and once you identify with it that’s the time you will know your own identity. Her role as a mother in her 30’s means having a good support system is key. Also, knowing when to take time off to recharge is essential. Being a mom is one of the biggest challenges for her. Princess Jamidah puts a lot of pressure on herself because she only wants the best for her children, hope is that they will grow to be good people. Lastly, and importantly, she has a wonderful group of friends who understand her and accepts her for who she is and not because of her royal status.

(We are grateful to Princess Jamidah and her sister, Princess Daza for giving us the time and opportunity to do this interview. Truly an honor, it’s not everyday anyone gets to sit beside a beautiful and talented princess. Much appreciation is extended to the management and staff of DusitD2 Hotel Constance for accommodating us during this interview. The Manila Up International Magazine and Manila Up TV Entertainment family would like to wish Princess Tengku Chanela Jamidah and her royal family well in all of their projects and charity work. And on that note… One piece of advice her Royal Highness, Princess Jamidah has for all those that are passionate about fashion and in making a personal statement, “Go for colors that suit your skin tone, black is a classic color, wear a great haircut and hair color which makes a lot of difference. To finish off a look, you can never go wrong with accessorizing with a good pair of earrings.” )

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