President Trump and The Migrant Caravan of 2018

Tuesday May 1, 2018

In Central America – El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico -- there is a high level of violence and political unrest. Several hundred people from there are now at the border trying to claim asylum. Asylum is a remedy under immigration law, actually based on the experience of refugees during World War II who fled Nazi Germany because they were being persecuted and massacred. The St. Louis, a ship transporting Jewish refugees to the U.S. was turned away. With nowhere to go, many of the 937 refugees aboard the ship died in the Holocaust. The 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees was signed by 160 countries, including the United States. The Refugee Act of 1980 created procedures to claim asylum here. It is our legal obligation to give due process to legitimate refugees, who have a fear of persecution, death, jailing, torture, like the Jews of the Holocaust. Should they be returned to their country? We are concerned that President Trump wants to deport these people so quickly. If immigration judges are pressured to deport, it may mean cases are heard too quickly, without due process. If mistakes are made, people could be sent back in a rush and face significant harm. This is contrary to our laws. All have the right to due process, a trial before an immigration judge, and protections to make sure we don’t make a mistake. We feel that these people have been delayed at the border. They are entitled to the same protections that people seeking asylum have had for years. They deserve our respect and consideration. We would want to be treated the same way. This is the Law of Our Country, and of many others....... Read more on Full Issue!

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