Party Girl Turns Golden Girl

Tuesday May 1, 2018

This lady really knows how to party and if there is an award for Party Girl of the Year, it should go to bubbly and lovely Agile Zamora, wife of Lights and Audio King Wopsy Zamora. When she turned 50 recently, she invited more than 200 friends to party with her like there was no tomorrow. Her purple and gold invite which said no standing, only dancing shows a lot how the party people that she invited know how to enjoy life. For 2 years now, she closed the Sage Bar of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel which was filled to the rafters enjoying the unlimited drinks and bar chows of Agile’s favorite canapés and assorted cheeses. Agile just duplicated what parties she went to during her disco days where she transformed Sage like the greatest discos of the 80’s ... Faces and Stargazers where night owls used to hang out. And a disco party will not be complete without the best DJ’s. Of course one of the top Dj’s came from Wopsy’s famous Audio Company during the 80’s. They all came to provide the top disco sounds at Agile’s party... Elmer Dado and his Gruppo Tribale who flew in just for her, popular DJ now TV Host Boyet Sison, Jon Tupaz and Dickie Tan. The highlight of the party was Wopsy’s limited performance, especially for wife Agile who danced with gusto to his sounds. Agile so pretty in her Albert Andrada outfit swayed gracefully and gyrated to the disco sounds together with her equally gorgeous friends. Nobody wanted to leave, but as in any celebration the party must end and only in the early morning at 5 am. Incredible party animals. And because of the success of Agile’s party, they want to duplicate this party...... Read more on Full Issue!

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