Northern Delights for Ambassadors

Monday May 1, 2017

Nearly all ambassadors posted to the Philippines come here with a bucket list, and the cities of Vigan and Laoag in the province of Ilocos Sur and Norte respectively are usually at the top. So on a recent weekend several ambassadors were able to happily tick the two cities off their list when they were the guests of former ILOCOS Sur Former Governor Chavit Singson who hosted them in Vigan City where apart from taking in the historic sites they were able to grapple with pythons and pat tigers at the sprawling Baluarte estate of Chavit. A day side trip to Laoag enabled the ambassadors to visit the museum and the ancestral home of the late long serving President of the Philippine Ferdinand Marcos who is a proud son of Ilocos Norte. Email Photos by Lorna LLanes...... Read more on Full Issue!

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