Narrow Road that Leads TO Paradise Saint James Park

Saturday September 1, 2018

I discovered a forest tucked in London, both an ancient and modern city of the world. One fine afternoon the sun was shining so bright at 31 degrees Celsius. This rarely happens in the financial city of the world. Old trees with fresh dark green leaves are scattered everywhere. It feels and looks so much like “home”. There is a lake with water as clear as crystal. Fowls of many kinds such as grey heron, smew, Ross’s goose, whistling duck, coot, eastern white pelican, Egyptian goose and many more abound. Flowers are of different varieties and colours from deep purple, magenta, fuchsia, yellow, bloody red to white.This is a pageantry of flowers that is the envy of top floral designers in the world. There are trees submerged in the water of the lake that grow strong, leaves swaying gracefully as the wind blows upon them. I sat on the bench facing the lake. (Memories flashed in my head when as a little girl I would run across the road to go to a guava tree planted close by a running stream, where it bore fruits year round. The sweetest guava in my memory was worth climbing and taking the risk of drowning for. The same tree that my sister fell from, straight into the stream, she almost drowned. The birds were singing seeming not to have a worry about anything in this world. A yellow butterfly encircled me as I sat quietly. Visitors from different nations passed by but it was as if I didn’t see anyone of them. The cool breeze was perfect, it was a tropical like weather. I could have sat there all day doing nothing. Until... my attention was caught by a dancing, diving coot. (A coot is a water bird...... Read more on Full Issue!

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