Most Underrated Movies of 2017

Monday January 1, 2018

2017 saw an interesting change in the movie industry. Big Hollywood films with A list celebrities flopped (even Tom Cruise couldn’t save Universal’s effort to make the Mummy relevant again), while indie films like Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut Ladybird showed longlasting box office results. Superhero movies went outside the conventional formula and transcended their genre, while horror movies gathered more audiences than any recent years. Every new year begins with movie fans listing up their favorite films of the previous year. From Margot Robbie’s Oscar contender I, Tonya to director Jordan Peele’s brilliant social horror Get Out, most people’s “top 10 movies of 2017 list” is definitely packed with great films. But instead of focusing on the year’s greats, I’d like to dedicate this for the year’s most forgotten, the overlooked, the most underrated films of 2017. Ingrid Goes West Actress Aubrey Plaza gives us what’s possibly her best role yet. Yes, even including April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation. Ingrid Goes West starts off like how one would imagine an indie comedy starring Aubrey Plaza to do soquirky, cute, and charming. However, the movie quickly turns into something much darker than that. Plaza’s character Ingrid is mentally unstable, fragile, lonely, and addicted to social media fame. Her take on what could’ve been a generic character is essentially what differentiates Ingrid Goes West from other indie comedies. This movie is funny, uncomfortable, and honest. Expect to cringe, laugh, and cry all at once when watching this film. A Cure for Wellness Most people know director Gore Verbinski from the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies- basically before the franchise officially turned unwatchable. Say what you want to say about those movies, but one cannot deny his talent as a master of visual storytelling. In his latest...... Read more on Full Issue!

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