Miss Universe Thailand 2018

Sunday July 1, 2018

Forty lovely, young and smart ladies from all over the country participated in this year’s search for the most confidently beautiful in Thailand. The winner vying to be the next Miss Universe Thailand. This year’s winner is Maria Poonlertlarp’s. Maria, who competed last year in the Miss Universe pageant finished among the Top 5 winners. The MUT organization made this month-long event more fun by including exciting activities for these aspiring ladies such as acting classes, a series of modeling classes, fitness and wellness activities, cooking lessons, fine dining experiences, a visit to a children’s orphanage, temple visits and merit making and a city tour. But, the highlight was the IrKrabi province trip to help promote tourism in the area and where the swimsuit competition was held. The Miss Universe Thailand organization also announced that aside from a brand new car, this year’s winner will be presented with a new crown designed and made by Beauty Gems company worth 1 million Thai baht. During the preliminary competition, the 40 candidates flaunted their grace on stage and in public. This was a first preliminary for the prejudging process. The show included catwalks in their swimsuits and long gowns. Following these, four ladies received special awards from this year’s main sponsors as follows: Candidate #12 Palita Puttharassu - Best in Swimsuit and Miss Smile awards Candidate #5 Natharuetai Akkarakijwattanakul - Best Skin award Candidate #11 Valentina Giardullo - Boutique Lady (Bangkok Airways) Candidate #29 Urachapat Dechabenjanon - Miss Beauty and Elegance award. Before the preliminary competition ended, the People’s Choice thru SMS Top 5 ladies was also announced. They are the following candidates:: 1- #40 Rathaneekorn Jirakunakorn 2- #16 Suttinee Wichianchoi 3- #34 Lalitkarn Phornnipatkul 4- #14 Praveena Singh 5- #1 Nicolene Limsnukan. The top winner among...... Read more on Full Issue!

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