Miss Philippines USA 2017 Winners

Tuesday August 1, 2017

1. MISS PHILIPPINES USA 2017 Nicole Guerrero Top Model of the World, Miss Foodtrients, Best in Evening gown 2 . MISS PHILIPPINES USA-WORLD AND BEST IN SWIMSUIT Kayla Marie Nadres 3. SECOND RUNNER-UP Andrea Valera 4. THIRD RUNNER-UP Angelica Escandon 5. MISS PHILIPPINES USA-AMBASSADORS Valerie Bonoan Kristine Macalutas 6. MISS PHILIPPINES USA - FILIPINOTOWN Gabby Pangan 1. MISS YOUNG PHILIPPINES USA AND BEST IN SWIMSUIT Jazlynn Dizon 2. FIRST RUNNER-UP Sabrina Garcia 3. SECOND RUNNER-UP Alyssa Guevara 4. MISS YOUNG PHILIPPINES USA AMBASSADOR April Rose Maniwang Alyssa Guevara 5. MISS YOUNG FILIPINOTOWN Alexandra Dalumpines 6. MISS FOODTRIENTS WORLD Jessica Cabanos PHOTO CREDITS TO: Celia Abuel and Ezequiel Ortega...... Read more on Full Issue!

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