MELODY IN motion

Monday January 1, 2018

Melody in Motion” is a show segment dedicated to life that is constantly in the flow. Whether it goes fast or just enough to slow us down, Melody brings viewers to incredible people who will inspire your soul, events that ignite your life or quiet moments of self-reflection and gratitude in the different elements that Orlando Florida is known for. Melody is not a stranger to the Manila Up! International Media and is one of our contributing columnists since the inception of the magazine. Her column, “Life Journey’s” started as a simple endeavor on a quest to find answers to some of life’s greatest questions and evolved into something much bigger. As a visionary and creative heart, she came into the space by finding some of the world’s highest regarded influencers and poured wisdoms with her readers about their stories of breakdowns to breakthroughs which led to her winning multiple awards for her soul searing write ups. Melody went on to become a global changer with her creation and leadership of Unicef’s 14th Congressional Action Team in the USA, advocating for children’s humanitarian platform representing 110 countries in the “fight against unfair” through awareness, community involvements and cross-collaborations all the way to Capitol Hill advocacy with US Congress and Senate. Her influence, accolades and involvement didn’t stop there as she unleashed her talents in the speaking space and positioned herself with the ability to strongly build relationships through authenticity, alignment of purpose and creative vision. Her most recent accomplishment now adds authorship after being selected as one of the 30 coauthors from around the globe in a book titled “Women Who Influence” set to be released on Amazon on 3/27/18. She is presently the Executive Content Director & Manager of Manila Up! TV Entertainment. MUA...... Read more on Full Issue!

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