Wednesday January 1, 2020

KINGDOM ADVENTURE By GILDA PINEDA DIONELA British Museum in London is the first public national museum in the world. It keeps about eight million works that pertain about human history, art and culture that came from different parts of the world. It is the mother museum of Natural History Museum. The Museum has ten curatorial and research departments. I am interested in Middle East and Egypt Departments where it all began. I believe that the Bible is the authentic written record of the history of man. For us to trace back our history we relied on things and places left behind by generations who were there before us. I am an avid follower of biblical creationists and biblical archaeologists among others and it is a great joy to discover evidences of the Bible. However, I do not regard evidence above the Word of God. For me, the Bible remains to be the highest authority even in the absence of evidence. But if evidence is available, I appreciate it even more. That is why I laud British Museum so much because hundred thousands of evidences about the Bible are there. THE BIBLE AND MESOPOTAMIA (MIDDLE EAST DEPARTMENT) Ancient Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers Tigris and Euphrates, was composed of; Babylonians, Sumerians and Assyrians. The scope of modern-day Mesopotamia is Iraq, parts of north and east Syria and parts of south east Turkey. Assyria was one of the ancient powerful nation, its arts and architecture were discovered in many British excavations and kept in the British Museum. During the last century of Assyria’s power and dominance, the old capital Ashur was the religious, ceremonial and cultural centre, while Nineveh was the place of royal power. Ashur region was located at the southernmost edge of rain fed farming...... Read more on Full Issue!

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