Friday December 1, 2017

Known by her sharp/ unexpected yet classy designs, Kiki Wang insists all clothes have to be comfortable first. KIKI WANG grew up in China with a dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. Without any formal instructions, she designed and sewed her first cloths for her baby doll when she was just 6 years old. Through her childhood, she became very talented at sketch art which give her a lot of experience with design and color. After graduating from the top University in China with a degree in Finance, she became an entrepreneur, and soon moved to the USA for her MBA degree. After several years working as a Territory Manager for a multi-national corporation, She decided to pursue her dream, and opened her own fashion company. Her designs have been worn by Movie Stars, Royal family members. Singers, News Anchors, Supermodels as well as many successful people in their ordinary lives all over the world. From Cannes to Los Angeles, Beijing to New York, Russia to Dubai, Canada to South Korea, Movie Festivals, Supermodel Contests, Fashion Weeks and other major Fashion events all around the world have enjoyed her work. Kiki Wang has been featured in many fashion magazines and international media for her outstanding accomplishments in fashion field. “Shine on Hollywood” magazine gave her 70 page spread, British magazine “CVH first class” called her “Queen of Couture”. Hong Kong magazine Asia News featured her as Asia News Woman.... there are of course a lot of interviews from Chinese local media and TV stations. There are more international interviews and featuring has been scheduled yet to come. Besides being highly regarded by individual clients, she also is invited by different organizations as a key partner/role in their collaborations, such as U.S ICN TV Station, Shenzhen...... Read more on Full Issue!

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