Kentaro Kameyama

Friday December 1, 2017

Fashion designer Kentaro Kameyama born in Japan known to everyone as Kentaro, winner of the 16th season of Lifetime’s hit reality competition series Project Runway. His friend Joe’s persuasion had Kentaro enter the competition. Kentaro competed against Brandon Kee on the Project Runway. The audience was mesmerized and in awe with Kentaro’s artsy 10 piece collection inspired by his Japanese culture as the models walked the runway to the haunting melody of his original classical piano music. There were 16 designers that competed for the best American Designer. Kentaro now at age 38 hails from Los Angeles, has become a fan-favorite character. He’s thoughtful and innovative. He describes himself as “friendly and determined”. People would stop him at places and ask for his picture and autograph. He’s known for his flawless tailoring and his garments fit perfectly. He’s active in the social media network - Instagram where he often uploads several designing pictures for his followers. Kentaro when he was at age 3 was a pianist. Then at age 5, he realized he had designer potential. That’s when his passion for fashion started. He attended Fashion Careers International’s (FCI) the fashion school and showcased his “Death and the Maiden” line at FCI’s spring bricolage student fashion show in April of 2017. His inspiration with designs are based on beautiful things or objects that he sees everyday. He tends to go with the flow not necessarily focusing on or sticking with one thing only when it comes to design. Every opportunity that comes his way with him becoming a fashion designer bringing into the fashion industry his designs all come spontaneously. His strengths as a designer is being able to see “Perfect Balance” in potions and colors. His weaknesses is only being able to function fully...... Read more on Full Issue!

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