Kandaya Resort on my writing mind

Friday February 1, 2019

By: Ruben Nepales   Someday, when I am blessed to be given an opportunity to write my memoir as a Hollywood journalist, I will hole up in a beach pool villa in Kandaya Resort, a piece of paradise north of Cebu City. Away from it all, this haven facing the Visayan sea is where I want to sit down in front of my laptop to dredge up memories, reflect, and put issues, people and events in perspective. Just getting to this luxurious retreat from the Mactan Cebu International Airport already put me in a relaxed, introspective mood the first time we visited late last year. Aboard a van, I was lulled into a chill, meditative state as we left the urban bustle and passed rolling, verdant hills of farms and forests. Upon arrival in this luxurious destination in Daanbantayan, we were whisked in a golf cart to a beach pool villa. I watched sunrise and sunset from this villa, brimming with gratitude for this respite from the madness of Los Angeles, while being surrounded by nature and for once, not being hounded by the spectre of writing deadlines. I still remember the evening dips in our private pool facing the sea or just lounging while the moon kept watch. And always, music softly playing on a Bluetooth speaker. We happily resisted Kandaya’s tempting array of activities, from island-hopping, riding a horse (they have courses for first-time riders, and ponies for kids), scuba diving to kayaking and more. Instead, we just lazed by the beach, napped on a hammock under a tree and dined in the beautiful Kusina Restaurant. And sipped wine and engaged in long, often funny conversations in the Kusina Bar. From this lounge, we watched a local community troupe perform charming native dances...... Read more on Full Issue!

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