Joys in New York and New Jersey Jaunts

Tuesday August 1, 2017

There is a popular dictum that the East Coast of the United States is one of the places that every American has to experience at least once; New York City is an ideal starting point. A mystery to many Americans who have never visited one of the world’s premier melting pots, New York City can lay claim to a unique character. It is a salmagundi (to borrow the word from a New York institution, the Salmagundi Club) or a stew. Its character is further enhanced by residents who are influencers, movers, and a defiant few. Although it is a facet of jaunts to choice destinations, conversations in at least five different languages can be overheard during a short subway ride here: Spanish; Russian; French; Chinese Polish; and, increasingly more frequent, Filipino dialects along with English. Culture, fashion, finance, and cuisine are topics that define New York City. It is virtually a country unto itself. Manhattan owns its very unique rhythm, like that of a symphony played at Carnegie Hall. While in a taxi seemingly in the midst of other vehicles with nowhere else to speed away, try and follow the beat. As the traffic light turns green, the cacophony of traffic and the wind accelerate to a rhythmic crescendo and blend with the tempo of vehicles that zoom past Central Park’s verdant expanse. There, the cadence seems gentler as one gazes at summer’s verde arboreal canopies. From uptown Fifth Avenue, just parallel to the park and is the section called the Museum Mile, the atmosphere seems gentler despite the MTA blue buses, the chauffeured limousines, and Uber pick-ups competing for space. The tempo changes to a staccato as continuous progress is marred by merging traffic at the 59th Street intersection marked by a New York...... Read more on Full Issue!

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