Johnson and Associates redefine Manila’s Public Relations Landscape

Sunday July 1, 2018

Johnson & Associates (J&A), formerly known as WJG Asia, continues to be the boutique public relations firm that could. With more than eight years of experience, celebrity publicist Lana Johnson, along with her managing partner Kevin Villahermosa create strategies for their elite roster of clients that help boost an authentic and strong image through powerful exposure. A multi-faceted firm, J&A ensures to create strategies that are consistent with what their clients believe in the most. Johnson says, “Each of our clients has their own passions and goals for specific industries. J&A aims to provide opportunities for our clients to fulfill those goals and passions by connecting them with the industries they believe in. PR for us is very personal – there’s no one formula, it works differently for everyone. We listen to the goal and vision of our clients and provide them with ways to interact and connect with industries that matter most to them.”...... Read more on Full Issue!

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