It’s All 4 Us – A Look Into The Minds Behind The Clash Concert

Friday November 1, 2019

By: Naiia Lajoie

The stage is set. Spotlights have been focused, sound check has been dialed in, performers have determined what outfits to wear and which designers to represent. Now the marketing team eagerly awaits word from the box office to post ‘SOLD OUT’ across all social media platforms. So much time is spent producing a stage show; months of planning, many layers, several moving parts… But have you ever thought of what is transpiring behind the scenes? Not necessarily behind the curtain, but in the minds of those performing?

If you have ever wondered whether seasoned artists still get the butterflies, the answer lies in their experience and star power; and GLASS HALF FIL with a line up like that of GMA Pinoy TV’s presentation of ALL 4 YOU: The Clash Concert, these pros are guaranteed to transform any jitters into the delivery of a sensational show.

The Clash is an original concept Filipino reality show based on live singing competitions that is broadcast on the Philippines’ GMA Network. It premiered last summer and features a panel of celebrity judges including Christian Bautista, dubbed “Asia’s Romantic Balladeer”, Ai-Ai delas Alas, the “Comedy Concert Queen”, and Lani Misalucha, nicknamed “Asia’s Nightingale”. The TV show crowned its first season “Grand Champion” Golden Cañedo at the tender age of 16.

In celebration of Filipino American History Month here in the States and to slide into the lengthy festive season in the Philippines, GMA Pinoy TV is bringing the holiday spirit from back home to its Kapuso abroad by putting on a concert at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California on October 19th 2019. Director Paolo Valenciano was brought onboard this endeavor; his first time directing a concert of this caliber.

Coming back to the original mindset of the stars, Boy Abunda-managed actress Ai-Ai delas Alas is no stranger to a varied career spanning different mediums and styles. She is always one to delight audiences by bringing her best devious dance numbers and devilish repartee. Given how responsive her fans are, when asked what her performances mean to her personally she responded that they always pose a welcomed challenge. She always wants to take the audiences’ perspective into consideration, and deliver a different show each time. Whether it is a new theme or ‘stage antics’ as she calls them, she wants to ensure that she & the show never become stagnant.

Soulful singer Christian Bautista began his career as a songster and through his success transitioned into acting, hosting and – being blessed with boyish good looks – modeling. The heartthrob has undoubtedly broken a few hearts throughout his tour, especially having married Filipina-American Kat Ramnani just last year. So what is his hardest role to date – that of a singer, actor, or husband? Despite the newlywed being apart from his bride, he still uses her as inspiration during his onstage delivery and states he is “enjoying himself as a husband”. For him the easiest roles are those where he is essentially himself, whether singing, hosting, or judging. Acting is where he where he would like to gain experience, but only because he has not done it as much… yet. Seeing as he is “grateful and excited every time [he is] given a role”, perhaps we should indulge and put him onscreen where can enact others more often.

The “Siren of the Strip” Lani Misalucha has taken residence in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2002. Her numerous and well-deserved accolades have catapulted her into the elite category of Filipinas finding success in the U.S. So in a time where Asians in American entertainment are ‘trending’, why is it so important for the songstress to cater to those back in the Motherland? “I started my career here in the Philippines” she begins, “it is very important for me to still have that connection with the Filipino audience because they’ll be the first ones to support you”. In response to this fan loyalty she wants to ensure that they too feel important, as she feels an immense amount of gratitude given she would not be as elevated without her kababayans. “I still owe a lot to my birth country, so I make it a point to go back and forth” she concludes.

Thus far these responses have been carefully curated by those well-versed in media interviews. What about The Clash’s newest addition to celebrity status? With her career being a mere two years old, Golden Cañedo has to handle public recognition and press obligations. How does the now 17-year-old stay grounded? Her response is a far cry from the shy girl one would expect to answer: “I keep humble kasi I’m so happy po”. The fact that she gets to take part in this concert and perform alongside her TV idols is such a gift. “I’m here now” she reminds herself, as she still cannot believe that her dreams have come true.

Those of us stateside have been looking forward to seeing what Golden, and the three esteemed panel of judges Ai-Ai, Christian, and Lani bring to the Arcadia Performing Arts Center stage. If you are unable to catch them in concert, fear not for season 2 of The Clash began running in September and continues to air every Sunday on GMA Pinoy TV. Tune in to see the larger than life performances of these down to earth interviewees!

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