Indie Stock Music Festival

Monday January 1, 2018

The Indie Stock Music Festival Provided an Opportunity for Indie Bands to Perform on the Big Stage with World-Renowned Rock Bands. Indie Stock Music Festival was a success fans enjoyed the one-day music festival and rocked to an array of music genres, including Rock, Hard Rock, Christian Nu Metal, Southern Rock, Rock Funk, Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, and Alternative Rock Music. The music festival was created to focus on the indie bands that are just starting out by performing together with World-Renowned Rock Bands that have been playing for years. This year Indie Stock Music Festival was held recently at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena located in California, the new festival showed that it’s really all about the music. Bands such as Lynch Mob with the legendary guitarist George Lynch, Trapt, P.O.D and Six Gun Sal were on the massive stage along with Lethal Injektion Never Your Zero, Hipnostic, Misamore, Osairis, Gravity Layne, Dirty Machine, The 95th, Fifi Larue and Angeles. The music festival was MC’d by Leif Garrett an American teen idols of the 70’s and featured in fan magazines, such as Tiger Beat, 16, and Teen Beat. Garrett went on to be being a Multi-Gold and Platinum recording artist. Stay connected with Indie Stock Music Festival on Instagram @ Check out the video on Youtube com/watch?v=WU3jty5kb2U. To learn more about Indie Stock Music Festival, visit Read more on Full Issue!

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