Monday August 1, 2022

by Brittany Henderson and Ahlisha Henderson ROME – LA MEDIA   Since the shift of the world, many of us have experienced a subtle yet understanding change; not knowing where or what the “hot spots” are in your city, let alone where we vacation. To add more commentary from our previous column, it’s not only about getting back in the swing of things and enjoying life, but knowing where to start. Not only are many of us getting back used to physically reporting into the workforce, but we are also figuring out where to go for leisure. So, many changes have happened over the course of two years, which has shifted the dynamic of what’s new on the scene. Some of us may not have realized how much has changed in our cities or didn’t get the memo until you see a change in management while you’re out experiencing your go-to nightclub or seeing the phone number no longer works to the restaurant you used to eat at for happy hour. There can be a number of us that don’t want to make a huge announcement that we don’t know where the “it’’ places are and may be afraid to ask. In this column we will give you some ways to rediscover what’s out there and simple steps to start. A few tips that can be useful are to utilize one of the things you carry around with you every single day, your cellphone. We use our cellphones pretty much for everything in our daily lives. At our very fingertips we can search on our cellular devices for what current establishments are open in addition to what new places have just opened. Another tip which may seem obvious, but while you’re searching on your phone...... Read more on Full Issue!

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