History Maker (Roman Bath Ruins-bath, Somerset England)

Friday November 1, 2019

KINGDOM ADVENTURE By: GILDA PINEDA DIONELA The Roman Empire remains the most enduring empire in history. Its influences are still evident in many great cities of the world. One place in England where there was Roman occupation, their artefacts and way of life, and where you can experience this reality, is: “The Roman Baths, Abbey Church Yard, Bath”. The place is archaic and one of the most visited sites in the United Kingdom. The Bath springs have health-giving and healing qualities. The “Roman Baths-Ruin” has steaming spring water reaching 46°C every day. It was constructed in 70 AD. It was an ecstatic feeling for me to touch and smell how it was in 70AD, or about 2000 years ago, in a place a thousand miles away from Israel. Today, most people visiting the site are convinced that the Romans invaded England, whether they read British history or not, and this is one archaeological evidence. On the other hand, most British people think that the Bible is full of myths, despite the fact that countless edifices, monuments, tablets and manuscripts are available to see in the streets and museums around this great nation. With the rise of atheism and other “isms”, the British conclude this, without even sparing the time to read and study the Bible. A survey released two years ago, by ComRes for the Church of England, showed that 51% of adults in Britain identified themselves as Christian but only 6% of those read the Bible, go to church regularly and pray. I regard the Bible as the authentic record of the history of the world and human beings. Let us take a glimpse at the era the Roman Bath ruins belong to. GOD CONTROLS THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD The history of man was duly...... Read more on Full Issue!

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