Monday February 1, 2021

By MARICEL DIAZ SIAM LIVING Set in a colorful and breezy flower farm in Chang Mai province in the north of Thailand, Qurated presented their fashion show “Life is Beautiful” featuring the Spring/Summer collection for 2021. Created by promising and talented designers that participated Qurated’s short-term courses, they came up on their designs by featuring regional and unique identities, through fabrics and styles. The show was graciously opened by Mr. Somdej Susomboon, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion, welcoming guests from all over Thailand. He mentioned that they recognized the need to help entrepreneurs overcome numerous challenges like rapid changes in fashion trends and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence continuously driving-up development of the capacity of Thai entrepreneurs, and creating opportunities for international competition by Local Products Promotion and Elevation Project, like Chiang Mai Design Week to increase the marketing channels. For 2020, the DITP collaborated with Chiang Mai Creative Economy Agency and Chiang Mai Design Festival Organizer 2020 to hold a fashion show in line with the occasion of Chiang Mai Design Week 2020’s concept “Stay Alive, Stay Alert”. The “Life is Beautiful” fashion show’s 40 pieces of stylistic creations that were featured are the results of “From Realway to Runway” short term courses and workshops. These cover essential know-hows of fashion business; from designing to marketing. Qurated’s trend fashion forecast for Spring/Summer 2021 is based on Natural Standard, Maverick Youth, and Subjective Matters. These trends were derived from lifestyles and consumer movements of the future market segments. To describe these three, Natural Standards means designs that transitioned from extending the aesthetic lavishness to simplicity essentials, where luxurious materials and sophisticated colors are the main ingredients. The wearers are no longer vulnerable in the spotlight but instead are more secured...... Read more on Full Issue!

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