Fairytales Do Happen

Friday June 1, 2018

Every ordinary girl dreams to marry a prince charming, just like the fictional characters Cinderella, Snow White and Belle, who have met and married their handsome prince charming. This dream came true for Rachel Meghan Markle, who was born in Los Angeles and a former American Actress, when he married the Duke of Sussex; the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on May 19, 2018 at Windsor. She is now a member of the British Royal Family who will undertake royal duties in support to the Queen and will support several charities and humanitarian. The life of Megan Markle was under the microscope, from the time her engagement and marriage to Prince Harry was announced, due to her mixed race heritage and being a commoner. Her mother, an American African, is a social worker and a yoga instructor who lives in California, while her father who lives in Mexico, is a daytime Emmy-Award winning retired lightning director. Her parents are divorced and Meghan is also a divorcee, who was married to an actor/ producer in 2011. Despite of all of these, Prince Harry had settled his life with Meghan, after all his past relationships with so many women. Therefore, the Royal Prince had found his true love. Prince Harry and Meghan met on a blind date on June 2016 and announced their engagement in November 2017. And in May 2018, the world witnessed, as they sealed their kiss, as husband and wife. The father of Meghan was unable to attend the wedding due to his admission to the hospital, recovering from a heart surgery last week. Hence, the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles was the one who walked his daughter-in-law down the aisle. Meghan wore an elegant white gown with a white veil...... Read more on Full Issue!

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