Empowerment in the Age of Emergent Females

Monday May 1, 2017

Women’s power is a delicate area of discussion to tackle, especially at dinner table conversations where it was almost taboo to talk politics or religion. Now the era of females in revolt has come as if it was an uninvited guest. Amidst the clang and clamor among the so-called more enlightened, liberated females around the world, it is especially notable among women in the larger Western or Western influenced metropolitan/cosmopolitan areas. This age of social media and “ultra fast speed of light” communications has intruded upon the merely fraternal discourse among men. Women not only want to be seen but heard, loud and clear!!! Competing for conversation within the context of “all-things-women” are issues that run the stretch of the longest interstate freeways, each with its needy child-like attempt to gain attention, even banging (kitchen, mind you) pots and pans. Issues that come to the fore are almost always self serving, not selfish, now there’s that thin line. From the rights of women lists come a litany from A to Z. Let’s start at the very beginning, A for Abortion to begin with, (and no, I am not going to touch that -ouch!) all through to E for Z - Zumba away to the modern woman’s world across the pond or the planet… “Who is going to put out the trash?” Or, “my rights are as important as yours! Heckle me timbers! Let’s file for divorce. You are no longer bringing out the best version of I, me or myself and I can earn much more that you, yadda, yadda, yadda. I have power!” Screaming our heads or effigies off in women’s marches, ask, is it against the male of the species for equality we go against? Or, are the systemic givens of imperfections in...... Read more on Full Issue!

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