Wednesday May 1, 2019

From Hollywood to ASIA By: Robert Womack World famous Fashion Designer, Sue Wong, was the volunteer chairwoman for the American Chinese Society’s Oscar Night and Gala after party. Its President is Robert Sun who is a diplomat for American Chinese relations. He received his BA from Zhejiang University in China and his MBA from the University of Riverside, California. Besides being involved in investment ventures for medical devices within the United States and China, he co- founded the American Chinese Society. The Society fosters business relationships between the two countries. It is open to all CEOs of American and Chinese descent doing business between the two countries to include entertainment. Robert Son is well respected in the Chinese, American, business, entertainment, and government circles. The Chinese Oscar Night celebration was held on February 24, 2019 at the beautiful Taglyan Cultural Center in Hollywood, California. Sue Wong tirelessly worked on every aspect of the evening from the decorations to place settings. More importantly, she orchestrated a fashion show presenting her world famous dresses and gown designs. Her entourage of beautiful models who strutted their stuff on and offstage were graciously available for photographs throughout the entire evening. Many celebrities were on hand to enjoy the show and some received awards. Actor Billy Zane received a well-deserved “Excellence in Acting Award”. Billy Zane has been in many films over his highly successful and illustrious career, including the charismatic super hero in “Phantom”, to the deranged castaway in “Dead Calm”, and the conniving privileged character in “Titanic” to name just a few. Another famous and noteworthy actress was present at the Gala, Chinese born, Lisa Lui. She received a “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Everyone knows her from “Rich and Crazy Asians”. There were others, like Oliver Stone, Sean Stone, Hou Yong,...... Read more on Full Issue!

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