Thursday November 1, 2018

Every generation has unique challenges when it comes to the new economy. Our economy and landscape of our world has been changing so rapidly that it can be extremely challenging to keep up, and it can be even more challenging finding the right way to go about living a life in this terrain. The landscape of this economy is so different that it’s full scope is not even understood, much less taught to the next generations. So how do we bridge that gap? We are in the best time to be an Entrepreneur that the world has ever seen. The opportunities are endless and marketing and advertising can be done very affordable. You don't need massive amounts of start up money and you can start making some kind of money in a lot of fields right away. The trouble is navigating the waters of entrepreneurship. There are SO MANY choices that you can make and a million ways you can go about starting your business. On top of that there are endless amounts of ways you can enter the market. So where do you start? Especially if you are a teenager with a tenacity for business? This is what Kat Schulte, Jerin Mece and Vinod Varma wanted to explore with Start-Up New West; a beta program that took high school students from a business idea to the marketplace. And the students thrived! We took on 15 students, which in true business fashion, dwindled to 7 people and then we had 3 finalists that pitched to a panel of judges for a grand prize! We wanted to teach the next generations of entrepreneurs how to start a business. The students were taught, idea generation in an area that excited them, how to build a micro business...... Read more on Full Issue!

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