Break the window!

Sunday April 1, 2018

What if I told you that one word, one sentence and one person can change your whole life?

But change your life for real – to have more joy, to be happier, to have health and financial abundance?

I’m blessed enough to have many people help me change my life and to become more successful. They shared their secrets, thoughts and some of them with just their presence made me shift towards an amazing level of success. I want to help you be the best version of yourself through my new column “Secrets of Success with Silvija “.

This is what I want to offer you in my forthcoming monthly column in Manila Up! International Magazine titled “ Secrets of Success”.

“Secrets of Success” will comprise stories and educational articles on mindset, entrepreneurship, ‘blockchain’ technology, visions and motivation. “Secrets of Success” is an S.O.S tool for you to see that your life is important, you have a greatness in you that needs to go out into the world and I’m here to remind you of it!

Before I introduce myself, let me tell you a story that touched and changed thousands of lives and hopefully, will help you as well. This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago. I want to protect the identity of the people involved and respect children’s rights, so the names are changed.

I came to Munich to work as a teacher in an international bilingual school. Then, something happened that made me change my whole life, start several companies, end up with celebrities such as Mel Gibson, John Travolta, JT Foxx and many others. But before I go into details, let me tell you how it all started.

Middle of a hot and lazy summer in Germany in one of the most beautiful European cities – Munich. One lazy summer afternoon, I was watching parents as they picked up their children from school. Some were talking to each other in a parking lot. After I handed over a little boy to his Mom, they both looked at me and smiled. David (as I will refer to him in disguise) grabbed the car keys after he got into the car without his mother even noticing it. He locked himself in the car from inside.

After few minutes everybody around started to panic. His mother started to cry and David started to cry too..

I was standing next to my friend Leah who said: “Silvija, if they don’t get him out of the car in the next 15 minutes – David will die.”

I looked at her in shock and asked: “ What do you mean die? Like die-die for real?”

The look on her face answered the question..

My heart was beating so fast, I could feel it through my ears, and I got more scared.

I then saw my colleague take a little school hammer, the smallest anyone can buy from the store. She gave it to one of the mothers there who tried to break the window.

David was already red and his eyes rolling, ready to pass out because of the heat in the car. Out of the blue, I ran to the car and I asked David’s mother if I could break the window.

Screaming through tears, she kept repeating: “Yes! Yes!” Taking the small hammer, I tried to break the window on the huge Jeep, my hand was hurting but the window didn’t break..

I tried one more time. Nothing. It appeared that David was almost gone, he was red and swollen, his mother screaming. With one last attempt, I asked God to help me.

“I need you now! Help me NOW!”, I prayed. Within the next few seconds, I saw my whole life unfolding in front of my eyes.

Something that I had never experienced before.

All the memories from my childhood, war in my hometown of Croatia, lovers, tears, parents and friends.

All happened in a split second. The next thing I saw was the window broken and the car alarm going off..

They took David out of the car, and was saved. Alive and saved.

I looked at my body, full of tiny scratches from the glass that got on my hands and chest.

Firefighters came, an officer put his hand on my shoulder and said: “You did a GREAT job!”.

All seemed like a movie. I went to see David and his Mom who were in the bathroom and cried when I saw his big brown eyes looking at me.

She looked “lost” but was thankful. That day, I went home on the same subway. Saw the same people in it.

Everything was the same. But one thing changed forever. My self. I felt in my soul that my whole life changed by breaking that window and that I literally saved one life. I whispered to no one in particular during my ride in the subway:

“Please use me. Please USE me and use all that I am. I want to save as many lives as I can. Use me.”

And He did. After two weeks I met one of the most important people in my life.

The one who supported me to become the person that I’m today.

But let’s leave this part for our next read.

I felt that although I saved David, the inner child in me was also saved and pulled out of the car called ‘Fear’.

Saving David and breaking that window became a symbol for me to always go directly into the ‘Fear’ no matter what happens..

Today I want to remind you that you have a power and strength to overcome any obstacle like I did by breaking that window.

I want to remind you that you are capable of breaking free from your fears and limitations.

You are bigger and stronger than you think! Most important YOU ARE ENOUGH just the way you are.

When fear kicks in, remember that you can do impossible things with faith and the doors will open.

Save your little David. Break that window. The world needs that strong you! And in the end, let me tell you who I am.


I’m a Mindset and Business Strategist, International Speaker and Cryptocurrency Advisor.

I am the first woman founder in Blockchain International Organization and Full Potential Intelligence Ltd.,

a coaching and consulting company. I help people to be their full potential through coaching on mindset, entrepreneurship and blockchain technology.

I speak on stages all over the Europe and the USA.

I have also shared the stage with Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Steve Wozniak, Charlie Sheen and many, many others. What matters is that I’m a reminder.

The reminder of Your greatness. The one who helps take care that you reach your full potential and keep your ideas alive.

I live to help everyone to live in a decentralized world where there are no limitations. By anything or anyone.

You are born to be free and I’m a rebel, a visionary and a free spirit that is on your side. Always.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this column and see you next month in “Secrets of Success with Silvija”

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