BECOME A Distruptor

Tuesday May 1, 2018

I debuted this column last month, and this month I wanted to get into where this column has gotten its inspiration from by answering the question: “Why be a disruptor?!”

I have been a truth seeker and a healer my whole life. I grew up in a huge family where, on the best of days, the chaos that surrounded me felt like being one of the lost boys in Neverland. I had a jungle of children around me, as I grew up in a household of 8-12 people. It was loud and chaotic and in my small community, alcoholism and abuse was rampant. Not that any of us talked about it a lot. We all just lived and played.

My dad himself was an “eff the man” kind of person. He has suffered from addiction my whole life and is now a man who is homeless. I watched, throughout my life, as this beautiful human being became a shell of himself, agitated and depressed.

I also grew up in a very multicultural family. I myself have Japanese, Russian, and English. My father is half Japanese, half Russian and various other pieces of European descent. My mum is English. One of my brothers is half native, I have a sister who is adopted from Guatemala and one of my non-blood brothers is half black. We are very multicultural.

I grew up having siblings, in our care, that have autism, mental disability, and cerebral palsy. All this has led me to have an incredibly interesting perspective on the world. As I have no indication in my personal looks that I am Japanese, I do have this perspective in my family. It breaks my heart to hear when someone asks one of my cousins where he is from, being fully Canadian but looking Japanese. The question can be innocent, but the implications are painful. When this happens everyday, it can make someone feel like they are being told they do not belong.

So I searched for a better way to communicate, to love, to respect and to acknowledge each other. Why are we so afraid of the things we don’t understand? Does the old proverb “Seek first to understand, not to be understood.” hold no weight anymore? We are all so afraid to listen to each other’s perspective because we think we will hear that our perspective is wrong.

Just because we have different perspectives doesn’t mean that any of us are wrong in our thinking. Quite the contrary. You being right doesn’t make someone else wrong.

So how did this all lead me to the disruptors?

In 2014 my father went onto the street. It was one of our worst fears coming true. With addiction and mental illness, one of the greatest fears is that your loved one will die. Was this the first step to that? We didn’t know. But it happened, and he is alive and well and accepted in a community that I think he really likes.

I saw him for the first time on the street in 2014, my little brother and I went to go visit him and something else happened that day.

I went home, broke down and all my anger melted away.

All I had was compassion. I saw so clearly that we do not hold each other at a high enough standard. It was not about feeling sorry for someone’s path in life. It’s about having compassion for the divine self that they do not see in themselves.

Holding someone at a high standard means seeing their HIGHEST selves. Their DIVINE selves. Trusting that there IS a reason for all of the pain and suffering. Without the dark, we cannot know the light. So as a world, I believe we are doing our best to shift from seeing each other as separate, and classified into race, religion, sexuality, nationality– and we are starting to see that we don’t WANT to be separated from each other. We want to be equal, we want to love, we want to care for each other and be cared for. We want equality and to not place people in different categories and we are striving to live in an equal society with no restrictions.

Not everyone agrees with my views, and I am not asking you to, but I always say consider everything and anything for a moment. Do the due diligence, if something is triggering you, irritates you, if it’s something that you are totally against, take a moment to make it true for you, consider the perspective, and FEEL into what is right for you. That is the way to know what your higher self wants. FEEL into a topic. Contemplate a subject. Become exceptionally curious.

From there you will understand YOUR truth and you can share what that truth is. When you create a life and business around your truth, then you realize you have the power to change lives. Together we have the power to shift the world into an equal, peaceful world, one person at a time.

This is my truth: We all have a great purpose in this world. And that those of us that are privileged enough to explore that purpose, and are able to step into it, can disrupt each other and together we CAN change the world. We can create a world that is based on the good for the majority. We can heal from trauma and addiction. We can step into the powerful divine being that we are.

When you speak your truth then your reputation grows and you can begin to influence millions of people at a time. THAT is when you have INFLUENCER status. That is when you become a disruptor by speaking YOUR truth, and sharing YOUR thoughts that help people have BETTER lives. That is when you become living proof! You become an influencer like Ben and Jen Rode (who I featured in my last article), their slogan for their institute is “Better Together”. Or like the local influencer in my city, Danielle LaPorte, who has her #truthbombs and helps millions of people embrace their creativity and explore their own truth (hopefully I’ll get to feature her here in the coming months!). There is also Brendon Burchard, Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Gilbert, Simon Sinek, Joe Rogan, Iyanla Vanzant, Malala Yousafzai, The Dalai Lama–you get the picture.

These are people that have REALLY gone into critical thought, after years of being conditioned in our society– something that happens to everyone in every society– you are taught to believe what the people that raise you believe. As you get older, sometimes it doesn’t feel right and you have to start to explore YOUR OWN TRUTH– I believe there IS universal truth for most of us. Treat each other with kindness, love deeply, trust everyone’s path.

There is a quote I love:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”- Plato.

It’s interesting how so many philosophers through the ages brought wisdom into our world that resonates across time. Plato, Socrates, Rumi… The message runs through. Be kind to each other. Spread messages that are for the GREATER good for all, not your own personal greater good. BUT don’t sacrifice yourself to do it either. You can create a life that is abundant AND shifting!

I want to challenge everyone to believe in each other. Believe in recovery. Recovery from addiction, trauma, heartache, violence, rage, and inequality. We are moving towards that, and when YOU can hold someone in their highest light, they CAN shift. WE can shift. Turn that into working from a place of service and changing hundreds, thousands and millions of people’s lives and THAT is when you become a Disruptor. You can start this journey anytime. But I encourage you to start it today. To start it now. Start loving more than you have ever loved before and start speaking your truth and holding people in their highest light. This is the essence of what I do as a Transformational Healer and a Spiritual Mentor. I have seen this healing at a deep level in hundreds and thousands of people. I have seen people shift their lives, heal traumas, create more incomeset yourself free income! I have seen people step into their power as a leader, as healers, as change makers, and disruptors. I know it is possible for EVERYONE to do.

This is where The Disruptors was created. A lifetime of exploration, a lifetime of watching the beautiful audacity of truth. So why become a disruptor? Because it is how we change the world.

How will you become a disruptor by honing in on your truth, your message, and shifting thousands and millions of lives for the better?! I encourage you to start, and you start with one life at a time…starting with you.

Much Love, Kat Schulte

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