Angelina Kali – BIO

Saturday September 1, 2018

Angelina Kali is an international fashion model, fashion and lifestyle journalist, fashion consultant and brand ambassador. Catwalk assignments have included the London and Paris Fashion Weeks and many other major international fashion events such as Dubai Fashion Awards. She has been in numerous commercial and magazine photoshoots throughout the world. She has held the prestigious beauty pageant titles Miss England Supranational, Miss F1 Grand Prix and Miss Monaco Grand Prix. Her commitment to the fashion industry was recognised by her peers by winning the 2018 IAA Model Of The Year Award. Her career as a model has allowed her to travel to exotic locations such as Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, Milan, and the Maldives. This has enabled her to combine her passion for fashion and travelling by becoming a fashion and lifestyle journalist with several articles published in international publications. Her career is followed by over 100,000 on her social media accounts and has become a major fashion and lifestyle influencer. Website: Email: Instagram: angelina_kali...... Read more on Full Issue!

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