ALWAYS A WINNER, A Woman for All Seasons

Friday December 1, 2017

Everything she touches turns into gold! The soothsayers say she is favored by the gods because she is a winner in all her endeavors. Some people are born winners, people put it simplistically, but, Jennifer Helen Weigel Sarmiento claims otherwise. “ The perks I enjoy now are the result of my hard work and perseverance. I work hard at my businesses and everything that I set my sights on, “ she says with conviction. When Jennifer was in her twenties, she started her career by being an entrepreneur. She put up a construction company, serving as the vice-president and majority shareholder of O.R. Sarmiento Construction, a triple-A construction firm involved in major infrastructure projects around the country. She is also the President of Gemstone Global Recruitment Agency, an international manpower organization providing a path towards a brighter future for overseas Filipino workers. “ I started the company as a way of helping my country. I help people find better work and other opportunities abroad. Aside from that, I also like to inspire and encourage women so they can be anything they aspire to be, and not to limit themselves. Women have a lot of potential that is why I am very happy to have joined the WIN Foundation for we share the same values and advocacy: to empower women!” Both her companies experienced exponential growth through the years under her able leadership. She also started her charity work in her twenties by working hard to raise funds for organizations of various advocacies, including those for cancer patients, people who cannot afford to pay hospital bills and providing education for abandoned children. Going forward, the past three years have been nothing short of incredible for this big hearted beauty. In 2014, the Philippine Cancer Society honored...... Read more on Full Issue!

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