ALWAYS A WINNER, A Woman for All Seasons

Friday December 1, 2017

Everything she touches turns into gold! The soothsayers say she is favored by the gods because she is a winner in all her endeavors. Some people are born winners, people put it simplistically, but, Jennifer Helen Weigel Sarmiento claims otherwise. “ The perks I enjoy now are the result of my hard work and perseverance. I work hard at my businesses and everything that I set my sights on, “ she says with conviction. When Jennifer was in her twenties, she started her career by being an entrepreneur. She put up a construction company, serving as the vice-president and majority shareholder of O.R. Sarmiento Construction, a triple-A construction firm involved in major infrastructure projects around the country. She is also the President of Gemstone Global Recruitment Agency, an international manpower organization providing a path towards a brighter future for overseas Filipino workers. “ I started the company as a way of helping my country. I help people find better work and other opportunities abroad.

Aside from that, I also like to inspire and encourage women so they can be anything they aspire to be, and not to limit themselves. Women have a lot of potential that is why I am very happy to have joined the WIN Foundation for we share the same values and advocacy: to empower women!”

Both her companies experienced exponential growth through the years under her able leadership. She also started her charity work in her twenties by working hard to raise funds for organizations of various advocacies, including those for cancer patients, people who cannot afford to pay hospital bills and providing education for abandoned children. Going forward, the past three years have been nothing short of incredible for this big hearted beauty. In 2014, the Philippine Cancer Society honored her as one of the Ten Best Dressed women in the country and inducted her in as one of its Ambassadors for Life the following year. In 2015, Jennifer brought home the crown as the very first Filipino to win the Mrs. Asia International Metropolitan Pageant held in Malaysia. Her National costume designed by Philip Tampus, won over the judges enough to recognize it as the best.

This year, Jennifer joined Mrs. Globe Classic Beauty Pageant 2017 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Again she ran away with the crown. In the same pageant, she also won Woman of the Year 2017. In light of her victory, I sat down with her so she can share her beauty tips and how she prepares before a pageant. MC: What made you decide to join the pageant? JHW: I am a person who believes that the only way to achieve is to persevere. At my age, I still wanted to prove to myself that I can compete and be the best version of me. I also want to show other women that age is just a number, and that anything that you put in your heart, soul and mind into, could be achieved, as long as you believe in yourself, work hard for it and have the audacity to dream it.

MC: How did you prepare for the pageant?

JHW: First, I had to train myself mentally and spiritually. Of course, the hardest part for me was the physical preparation. I had daily physical training sessions with my KF Cebu Beauty Camp Family. They taught me how to work the stage, answer questions as graciously as possible, and to always be myself in the competition. I was also taught how to walk. I basically had to learn the A-Z of pageant preparation. All these I did at 51 years old. Besides the pageant training, I also did spiritual exercises which involved daily meditation and prayer to always center myself. Physically, I did a lot of boxing and ate a healthy diet. I made sure that I had the proper nutrition that would keep me fit, and slim, like a beauty queen.

MC: What factors made you win?

JHW: I would like to believe that all of us in the pageant were deserving to be there. My fellow competitors were such wonderful human beings. They were all physically beautiful. What made them shine even more was their inner beauty, which I believe is the commonality among all of us who competed. As to what factors led to my victory, I think that luck and serendipity had something to do with it — being at the right place at the right time. Being true and authentic were factors that made the judges notice me that night. To their questions, I just answered what was in my heart and professed my truth. I was simply being me on stage.

MC: What are your beauty secrets? What is your fashion philosophy and who are your favorite designers?

JHW: I wash my face with mild soap that is compatible to my skin. I eat healthy food, exercise and sleep a lot. I take my beauty sleep very seriously. As to my fashion style, I like being classic, elegant and simple. That is how I dressed myself since my youth. I love Jun Escario, Philip Tampus and Cary Santiago who are, luckily, my good friends. I also like some European designer labels.

MC: What is your purpose in life and talk to us about your family life?

JHW: Aside from motherhood, I also do some charity work because when I was young, I saw how my Dad was as a person. He helped so many people, not only financially but in all other aspects, he was very compassionate. Setting him as my example, I always share my blessings, big or small as they make a difference in poor people’s lives. I also encourage this trait of compassion to my children. I have 3 kids. My eldest son Andrew, has his own business. I have a set of twin daughters- Jasmine and Jennifer. Jasmine just got married to Ralph Juan who owns and operates Beauty and Beyond Facial and Slimming Center. My other daughter, Jennifer works for our Construction firm and has a bag and shoe restoration shop with her boyfriend Kirby. It is called Make it Alive! I just want my kids to be happy and do the things that they love.

MC: What about your dogs? You have beautiful pictures with them.

JHW: I have four dogs whom I consider my kids. My favorite is Lucky, a Shih-tzu. She has been with me for 12 years. The others are Diamond, Billion, and Ramsey Dollar. They are all my kids and I love them to bits.

Jennifer Weigel Sarmiento is a multifaceted woman. She is a philanthropist, businesswoman, mother, style icon, an advocate for the empowerment of women and a beauty queen. But in spite of all these accolades, she remains humble, kind, and compassionate – a woman one can reach out to in times of crisis. She is a woman for all seasons, beautiful inside out.

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