ALLANREY ‘MIGZ’ SALAZAR Multi-Awarded Artist

Tuesday January 1, 2019

Allanrey ‘Migz’ Salazar is a Multi-Awarded International Filipino contemporary visual artist based in Paris. His work rests at the nexus of hard and soft, clean and dirty…it captures the plight of the individual-struggle, faith, ecstasy and the frailty of humankind. There’s nothing about the images of his works that is harmoniously beautiful by any conventional standards. Salazar wanted the viewer to stick with the image as profoundly; a resonant image that will not deliver its real physical meaning, it is against narrative and probably against interpretations; it’s pure allegory and metaphor. After moving to Germany and Paris from Manila more than a decade ago, Allanrey ‘Migz’ Salazar is among the few Filipino contemporary artists who live their passion for art in Paris. His recent body of works is a radical departure from abstract to cataclysmic biblical iconography with secular socio-religious and political narrative, a visual satire in his creative piece. His works elucidate current socio-political concerns dealing with matters of the human condition, revealing the plight of individuals — struggle, faith, ecstasy and doom in mankind. However, with his craft, Salazar’s work involved in a cultural rebellion — a connection of social and political revolution from mind to mind. Salazar conducted des Beaux-Art in Paris, though simultaneously exploring passionately other mediums. For more than a decade, He has produced a diverse body of works in painting, sculpture, photography and other medium. He is amongst the most active Filipino contemporary artist in France, with solo exhibitions hosted mainly in Paris. Furthermore, he brings unique perspective, creativity and passion to all that he does. He lives and works in Paris. n ARTIST STATEMENT As a Multi-Awarded International Filipino artist based in Paris it is inevitable that my subject matter lives at the nexus of Europe and Southeast...... Read more on Full Issue!

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