Advice throughout my life by my father Tony Garcia

Thursday June 1, 2017

My father, Tony Garcia, plays a huge role in influencing who I am today. He is my support, my anchor. He helped me move forward even when life gets tough. He is always ready to give me advice on a daily basis. Even if the advice does not always necessarily apply to the current situation at hand, my father will remind me as if to embed it in my mind. “Prioritize your academics and important activities first,” he says. Look where this constant phrase took me. I maintained my grade with straight A’s. At the end of my senior year in high school, I am proud to say I became valedictorian. “Focus on romantic relationships later in life,” he advises. I know some may argue that I should have my own choice in regards to romance. Yes, it is my choice. It is my choice to follow the advice of my father because I believe it is very helpful advice to follow. I have discussed the matter with my father. Based on the conversation, I concluded that I have more time for romance in the future. As for now, I want to concentrate on my career and spend valuable time with my family and friends. As of present, I am a University student. I just recently completed my first year still earning A’s in my courses even though I do weekly volunteer shifts. I am able to acquire high grades because my father is one of the people who helped me out through his consistent advising. Moreover, in the future as an independent adult, I know his advice will continue to aid me in whatever I pursue. Thank you, Papa. Happy Father’s Day! -Kate Anne Garcia...... Read more on Full Issue!

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