A walk to nowhere – one step closer (Richmond Park – Deer Haven)

Friday September 1, 2017

One way to unwind from all complexities around us, is to just take a walk in a place splendid yet primitive, a well conserved place like one of those in the Royal Parks in London. There are eight Royal Parks in London and the biggest of them all is Richmond Park, having an area of 2500 acres (more than 1000 hectares). That is massive. It is a top UK site for ancient trees and a range of rare species including fungi, birds, beetles, bats, grasses, wildflowers and herds of deer. That is the reason why I and my friend, Zen, went there, to see deer. I have travelled from the north to south of the Philippines. I saw caves, mountains, beaches, and forests, they were all stunning. I had seen alluring sunsets, virgin waterfalls and rivers where my grandparents used to live. While I was staying at my grandparents’ house as a child, the “Aetas” of Sierra Madre often came down from the mountain to barter trade with people who lived in the mountainside where we were then. Our favourite was “pindang na usa” (Venison jerky or dried cured venison). Aetas are indigenous people who live in isolated mountainous parts on the island of Luzon. They are known as descendants of the original inhabitants of the Philippines. At a young age, I was curious, asking myself what a deer was. I am grateful to England’s King Charles I for making Richmond Park a deer park. I like to see deer, apart from my curiosity as a child, I also once read this passage in the bible ‘He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights.’ It was at my place of work during a lunch break and...... Read more on Full Issue!

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