Tuesday December 1, 2020

By: Melody Garcia   “Dare to do what you dare to dream.” -John Tortorella. 5 years ago, what seemingly was a monumental, risky, and uncertain task, Sonia Bermejo took on regardless. In doing so, she thus paved the way for the birth of Manila Up! International Magazine. A Faith-Activated Journey Sonia, whose entrepreneurial background includes previously owning a security surveillance company, property management company, and being a loan officer, had no media or publishing background. She was armed with an eye for attention to detail. During one of her dealings, a friend noticed this in her and suggested, “you should be a publisher” out of the blue. Despite not having any experience, the seed was planted. This seed grew into a strong desire; she consulted God in prayer on the direction that she ought to go. All she knew was that she had a desire to send a message to the world. How does one uplift humanity? At that time, she was focused primarily on the Filipino heritage. So then, how does one connect to culture? Then, the answer became apparent: “get a hold of writers across the globe”. Sonia, armed only with her faith, started with a writer from the Philippines; her friend Becky Garcia. She then went on to add another columnist from the Philippines. Early Adversities; “The attacks come from within” First came praise, then came the criticisms, seemingly from many directions – from those whom she thought were supporters of her vision and dreams. The words stung because it came from the same people whom she had supported in the past. Criticisms such as, “What does she know about owning and running a magazine? She knows nothing! We will give her 3 months and it will all fail; she’s not going...... Read more on Full Issue!

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