2018 Sweden National Day “Swedishness”

Saturday September 1, 2018

Ambassador Harald Fries of Sweden hosted a cocktail reception recently at the Grand Hyatt Manila Ballroom in Taguig City to celebrate the National Day of Sweden that commemorates the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523 and the adoption of a new constitution in 1809. For its National Day celebrations this year, the Embassy coined the term “Swedishness” as its theme. Apart from commemorating the unification of Sweden in 1523 and the crowning of King Gustav Vasa, Swedishness celebrates this special day by underscoring unique features that reflect an updated and modern Sweden. The event was filled with good Swedish food and drinks partnered with modern Swedish music. Fries adds, “The idea is that when people leave the event, they will have an updated positive image of Sweden.” Fries explains, “We are advanced in terms of sustainability and technology, and also in social responsibility. Sweden is a progressive country in terms of environmental consciousness, gender equality, human rights, free trade and international cooperation.” A number of companies who share the core values of Swedishness have partnered with the embassy for the celebration. Email joyfong@rocketmail.com • Photos Lorna LLanes...... Read more on Full Issue!

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