13th Annual Haute Couture Fashion Show

Friday September 1, 2017

On Sunday, August 13, 2017 a Los Angeles based event planner and event producers Virgelia Productions., Inc. hosted the 13th Annual Haute Couture Fashion Show Los Angeles held at the historic and beautiful Millennium Biltmore Hotel located in the heart of the bustling downtown Los Angeles.

Two weeks before the event, Virgelia Villegas, President of Virgelia Productions announced that the event had sold out tickets. The much anticipated fashion show presented six seasoned, successful designers, each had very distinctive style but all had common qualities – they were successful, passionate, determined, incredibly talented and highly respected on their own merits.

The royalty studded event was hosted by Prince Mario Max Lippe of Germany and Queen Ashley Park, Miss Asia USA 2015. In attendance were the current 2017 beauty titleholders Miss Asia USA Juri Watanabe, Mrs. Asia USA Jenny Bui, Miss Teen Asia USA Nancy Ngo, Miss Latina Global Angelique Plaza, Mrs. Latina Global Monica Escobar, and Miss Asia USA California, Linoria Aghakhani.

The art of casting the 2017 featured designers was undertaken by Virgelia who took the time to research for the right designers in order to achieve the mission of the Haute Couture Los Angeles Fashion Show which was to showcase the culture of our diverse society and provide opportunities for non-professional models to break into the field of fashion.

Featured designers were: The a young and beautiful Ayan Wang, based in Shanghai, China she traveled across the continent to showcase her latest Fall collection. Phukaw with lead designer and proprietor AksapakBondu with an atelier in Hollywood presented the Hill Tribal cultural clothing of Thailand made with organic yarns.

Manshaa’s lead designer and proprietor Archanaa with atelier in California and India presented 22 of her colorful Saree and Lenga. Lee Hwa with lead designer Laura Park is based in LA’s Koreatown is the biggest and oldest Hanbok atelier and designer in the US. Hanbok is a traditional Korean female formal wear.

Shail K’s lead designer and proprietor Kimi is a former Bollywood actress and model. Based in bustling Los Angeles, Kimi specializes in formal, modern ladies evening gowns. Contestants of Virgelia Productions, Inc. Pageant modeled her latest Fall collections.

Renowned international Japanese designer Sueko Oshimoto. With atelier in North Hollywood and Japan, presented a colorful collection of modern Kimonos to represent the modern woman of today.

Virgelia Villegas, the creator of Haute Couture Los Angeles Fashion Show was inspired to create the show 13 years ago in order to open up the doors of opportunity for her pageant contestants who were given the utmost in casting opportunities by modeling for her fashion shows. The production overview of such massive undertaking included more than 73 models, 6 designers with their staff, over 32 teams of hair and makeup artists, 10 stage, sound and lighting staff, 10 volunteers 4 staff, 6 official photographers and videographers, with 2 months to plan and 10 hours to set up a 2 ½ hour show.

When asked, “what is the key to a successful event?” Virgelia Villegas said: “ A skillful, strong leader with a great team of staff”. Next, Virgelia Productions will present a fashion show for the National Convention of AREAA – Asian Real Estate Association of America on September 29, 2017.

Thereafter, the Miss Asia USA / Miss Latina Global / Miss Europe Global Pageants to be held at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on November 18, 2017

For more information about Virgelia Productions contact 1800 831-9880 or Text 818-641-7779/ Facebook VIRGELIA PROD Photos by Rajesh Shah Photography

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