100 Lechon on parade defines the town of Looc Romblon today!

Friday June 1, 2018

Arriving on a private plane, the Honorable Luis Chavit Singson was greeted with 100 and one Lechon on parade on April 25th in the beautiful town of Looc, Romblon as the guest of Honor for “ONE LOOC TOWN FIESTA CELEBRATION 2018” with this year’s theme on hash tag #noboundaries #crossover. He also witnessed the very popular “Talabukon Festival” which features street dancing to depict the rich culture and history of the town and tasked to crown the queen. Dubbed anew, as the Lechon Capital in the whole province of Romblon, Looc now has gained popularity not only in the Philippines but in the whole world as netizens reacted positively on the photos uploaded by Loocnons and the Facebook page, ONE LOOC 2018. It’s the first time in the town’s history for everyone to have witnessed such grand parade of Lechon donated by Loocnons themselves and served to all the guests, spectators and the general public present at the plaza for free. Unlimited rice wrapped in banana leaves complete the meal. Truly, a fiesta worth remembering. Email Joyfong@rocketmail.com • Photo Lorna Llanes...... Read more on Full Issue!

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