Tribute to Estela Cottle, My Mother

Monday May 1, 2017

Estela Cottle is a self-made woman, a nutritionist, chief dietician, manager, chef, surgery tech, and now a Skin Care Specialist. A multi-talented mom who never stops changing and re-inventing herself. She used to work long hours, but now, she slows down and enjoy this new chapter in her life, in which she enjoys the most. She looks at each day as a gift from God and wants to fulfill her mission in life – to give love, spread love, be of help to others, and share her faith in God. Joan Roy - Daughter, Estela Cottle was always known as the Angel of Beauty in the San Fernando Valley, but to me and my sisters, mom is always the mother who knew how to sacrifice. We had our ups and down when our parents separated when we were young, and it was quite difficult to grasp when I was little when mom chose to stay in the US and leave us back in the Philippines. This has cost a rift between my mom and dad. We didn’t know the struggles she had to go through because we were blessed to have a privilege life, we were blessed because our dad has his own company. Proving to her family in the United States that she can make it on her own and start anew was not an easy task. She braved odd jobs just make ends meet, and that’s a very strong quality that I wish I can have. The endurance she had to go through simply amazes me. When I decided to live in the United States myself, I had fond memories where she would always cook for me, making sure that I would eat my favorite dishes. Despite that she had left her first...... Read more on Full Issue!

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