The Gift of a Wonderful World

Sunday November 4, 2018

Here upon us is the threshold that defines yet another seasonal divide. Subtle as the "b" in the word subtle came "Makahiki" creeping up in a most subtle way. Suddenly waking up to sunshine came to be to a dark dawn. As my morning emerges, my sleepy countenance derives simple pleasures with the sun peeking from its home behind Haleakala. Then the comical and fascinating show begins. Picture this, a rooster strutting proudly along the road fronting my window, and, alas! Some odd number of hens and chicks follow as if it had a father figure leading the way, to where? Who knows? Remember I have a window view and not a panoramic lens. So here I sit enjoying my first cup of coffee when out of nowhere a flock of birds swoop down in unison as if greeting the first light. Some mornings as the roosters crow, I see the semi feral cats at random either lounging on top of a car or simply sitting as relaxed as can be watching the world go by in stately confidence. Then, starts my day. With such blessings, simple as they may be I find "The Gift". The realization that here I am as blessed as most others on Maui who appreciate where we are here and now. Tomorrow may not have the same sunrise nor the magnificent sunset we have been accustomed to seeing, yet the gift is in the heart. Some days less or more spectacular in its beginnings and endings. I have opted for the "minimalist" lifestyle with 'less is more' as my guiding mantra. Less carbon footprint included. And riding the commute on the Maui Bus has given me more than I expected in the most profound encounters along the way. The glad...... Read more on Full Issue!

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