Wednesday December 1, 2021

by Brittany Henderson and Ahlisha Henderson ROME – LA MEDIA W Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, CA December 4, 2021 6th Anniversary celebration of Manila Up International Magazine launched an additional fashion magazine STYLE LA MAGAZINE. Along with it was our “Search for Supermodel 2022” for its inaugural cover. SUPERMODEL SEARCH was a night that covered all components of entertainment and high fashion. This was a night that not only determined who would possess all the makings of an international supermodel, but also gave photographers as well as hair and makeup artists, their time to shine. The high fashion event took place December 4, 2021 at the historically star-studded W Hollywood Hotel. The perfect location for the prominent judges and guests in attendance for the evening. Before the Supermodel finalists took the runway, hair, makeup, and photography had their own competitive category the judges had to select winners for. Once the show began, everyone was able to take in the elegant and sleek designs from RC CAYLAN ATELIER, to the fun and flirty resort wear of designers SHEILA SIMONE and MY CLUB, then the edgy and flashy jackets of celebrity designer, JACOB MEIR, For the Stars Fashion House, to finally ending the show with the bold red timeless designs of KIKI WANG. Each Supermodel finalist made their unforgettable mark on the runway, making the job of each judge even harder. In the end, RYLEE SPINKS and ELIJAH VAN ZANTEN, were declared the winners of the two categories for Supermodel and Super Male Model 2022. Winners were also announced for Photography and Hair and Makeup. This red carpet event was not the typical fashion show and set a precedent for what we can expect from the annual show of Style L.A. Magazine’s “Supermodel Search”....... Read more on Full Issue!

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