Monday February 1, 2021

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To many 2020 has been a year of sorrow, catastrophes, and of course a global pandemic. However, as days and months passed us by, we as individuals slowly began embracing the silver lining teachings of change, justice, and hope from this year. Through his fundamental curriculums from this awakening year, fashion photographer and debuting director, Reinhardt Kenneth envisioned an opportunity to create a piece, spotlighting an imperative message of “finding hope, through unity, in times of adversity”.

In partnership with none other than his own mother – Indonesian fashion designer, Diana M. Putri of Diana Couture, the dynamic duo sought out to visualize an untapped concept through a fashion film. A film unlike any other, highlighting the traumas and tragedies of 2020 through a metaphorical perspective of coming together to find hope. Powered by Aston Martin Bangkok, the fashion film premiered at Thailand Fashion Week S/S 2021with heaps of heart to spread a universal love language of hope and unity to individuals from all walks of life.

Setting out on his directorial debut, Reinhardt approached his lifelong collaborator and mother, Diana with a design request to create pieces that feel like “there’s a ball in the apocalypse, mask included” – the rest was history. While the film features a more dramatic yet literal approach to the vision, Diana projected to combine her two strongest suits: the elegant and the daring. She strived to create pieces that still fit the “Diana Couture woman” yet embody the concept of apocalypse. The entire collection featured 13 bodysuits with corresponding face masks in affluent textiles ranging from bandages, faux leather, Swarovski crystals, metallic studs, iridescent leather, and the finest taffeta and tulle. The opulent yet fierce outfits were then refined with 3D encrusting, ruffling, and laser cutting techniques. Although behind all the couture, avant-garde hair and makeup, and dramatic imageries, lies Reinhardt’s brief yet powerful vision – as it if were a message of kindness and compassion transcending through his naturally artistic mind. His conceived narrative highlights a uniquely diverse, yet divided group of women in a very hopeless “room of thought”. These wounded yet powerful women are the true stars with real stories to tell and they only attain hope at the end of the film when they are healed and united.

Taking a moment to introduce said tough muses from their tattered pasts – clad in frocks befitting the most lavish of Valentine’s Days, we are pleased to introduce the powerhouse muses that have overcome so much to give back even more:


In August 2020, trans influencer, Jaslene Whiterose had a girl’s night out with two of her best friends in Hollywood Boulevard. What was supposed to be a memorable fun evening, turned into a violent nightmare. The girls got beaten, robbed, and mocked by a group of transphobic men and it was all being recorded on camera. Jaslene even had a scooter thrown at her and her head bashed open. Despite all the ill doing, the most disheartening reality was that not a single person reached out to help, including the police car that had initially stopped but continued driving.

In hopes to not glamorize the incident, Reinhardt reached out to Jaslene to help her tell her story metaphorically. As she breaks down during the near-climax of the fashion film, Jaslene expresses how she finally felt like she could breathe: “The first scream was out of anger and the second scream felt like ‘yes, we’re okay’ – it felt like tears of joy at the end.” And while the film highlights Jaslene’s tragic experience, the overall message speaks on higher volumes and caters towards the injustices towards the trans community and the lives we lost this year.


A former African American professional basketball player turned fashion model; Cole Woods has mentored numerous ‘modelpreneurs’ on how to successfully break into the entertainment industry. Woods has a unique approach in which she teaches her students how to market themselves, how to be confident, and most importantly, how to step up the plate to challenge the normal beauty standards.

Of course, as an advocate for black lives matter, Cole deepens the perspective of this film by highlighting the movement through visuals. Being a black woman in 2020, she expresses how it is a combination of the best and worst time in black history: “It feels nice for our struggles to be finally recognized but at the same time, we have so much work to do. America is trying to rectify a lot of wrongs.” Being amidst unfortunate events and countless riots, she hopes to see true change and equality prevail to black lives everywhere.


Eduarda Panzone de Castro, commonly recognized as Duda Castro, was born on October 19, 1991 in the south side of Sao Paulo, Brazil into a family of Italian, Spaniards, and Argentine descendants. Passionately inspired by art, fashion, and entertainment, Duda immersed her energy and talents to develop a multifaceted portfolio as a successful model, social media icon, photographer, trendsetter, and businesswoman thriving in the fast-paced U.S. lifestyle.

Her essential and crucial dialogue in this fashion film was “to always wear your mask, no matter how high fashion your look may be.” Modeling over the audio of Covid-19 cases, we can still approach it fashionably and safely but this is the new normal we have to adapt to.


Actress, singer-songwriter, and model Jessica Belkin has starred in notable TV series such as American Horror Story, Hotel, and Pretty Little Liars. Through the years of creating artistic fashion images and gracing multiple magazine covers, Jessica has become one of Reinhardt’s favorite muses.

The young starlet was ecstatic to be a part of the film and believes that art can truly share a message of kindness and compassion towards these unprecedented times. From promoting a safe environment by wearing a mask to sharing a message of finding hope through unity, Jessica hopes to amplify the authentic purpose of this fashion film.


Model, photographer, and dancer Tiffanie Marie is proud and passionate of her Taiwanese roots. Her responsibilities besides being a brilliant woman of many hats, includes never shying away from the opportunity to be vocal and share her transparent views to her followers. Over the years, Tiffanie has raised her voice and has shared honest insights of her own personal experiences and global issues such as Black Lives Matter or anti-xenophobia.

From racial slurs to fetishization, at the beginning of COVID-19, Tiffanie was subjected to online bullying, irrational hate, and harassment due to her Asian roots. She combated the hate fearlessly by using her voice to amplify a crucial message during these dark times: “You know what, if I’m going to harness my hurt, at least let something beautiful come out of it.”


Indonesian filmmaker, model, and singer Cheverly Amalia is well renowned for her work on films such as London Virginia and Blackout Experiment. Forever in search of opportunities to share a message of positivity, hope, and love the award-winning filmmaker felt honored to be a part of this fashion film. “2020: The Year of Hope’” resonated deeply with Cheverly as the underlying message of the film reminds her of her country’s national motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, meaning “Unity in Diversity”.


Full time classically trained violinist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, and producer YAS has defined her milestone reel by working with big wig artists such as Kanye West, Selena Gomez, John Legend, ASAP Rocky, Big Sean, Shawn Mendes, and many more.

Being another brilliant women of many talents, YAS starred as a muse for the fashion film and also produced the track behind “2020: The Year of Hope”. Although, what truly struck a chord with YAS was the film’s underlying message and its unified approach that resonated so well behind her purpose to story-tell through music: “When you feel united, there’s beauty in [you] – and you become kinder. I think ultimately that’s my goal – to make music and make art that reminds people to be kind to each other, so that we can relate to each at the end of the day.”

While shooting the collection at the iconic Millennium Biltmore, a celebrated venue for blockbuster productions such A Star is Born, Beverly Hills 90210, Charlie’s Angels and music videos for Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez – the entire crew of 40 people were sure to not only bring their talent to the table but their mindfulness as well. The production was attentive on creating a safe collaborative space for every creative, highly enforcing protocols such as encouraging constant sanitation on hands, temperature checks, testing requirements, wearing a Diana Couture X Clariskin face mask, wearing a Olivia Garden face shield, and of course washing hands thoroughly.

By spotlighting the unfortunate realities of 2020, being COVID-19, Black Lives Matter movement, anti-xenophobia, trans lives, war & famine, and wildfires – each woman represents a different tragedy that they are not only passionate about but deeply identify with. They all embrace the struggle and hopelessness in the “room of thought”, as they finally escape into a chaotic world – one that is basked with a light of hope. Together Diana, Reinhardt, and the entire team of incredible talent present a fashion film that does not just elaborate fashion at its finest form. This film tells a powerful story of coming together with an essential message: if only we can come united, that’s when true hope will prevail.

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