Natalya Bronzova

Monday January 1, 2018

Russian born Natalya Bronzova became reality as her solo exhibition at the House of Representatives was inaugurated by the honorable guests: Deputy Speaker Hon. Linabelle Ruth R. Villarica, Cong. Imelda R. Marcos, Cong. Anthony M. Bravo, The President of CCP, Arsenio J. Lizasso, Hon. Fema Duterte, famous journalist Ramon Tulfo, Ambassador Victor Garcia and Russian Emb.Council Viktor Balashov! It was the first time that the National Russian Anthem was played in the Congress of the Philippines in honor of one only person: Natalya Bronzova, a writer and artist, who promotes Russian culture and Art in the Philippines! Ms Bronzova become very much part of the Philippines society as she lived in Manila for over five years and befriended many outstanding people here. Ms Bronzova has written three books on the Philippines, the country of her soul. Earlier this year she had a solo exhibition at the Cultural Centre of the Philippine, becoming the first Russian artist being exposed there; this is now also true for the House of Representatives! We can truly say that Natalya’s art is loved and recognized in the Philippines for its unique style, powerful positive energy and spirituality. Natalya’s art Natalya’s art is elitist! It is very spiritual and each piece has deep meaning and a story behind it. Light vibrations and positive energy flow from Natalya’s canvases, bringing peace and harmony to the audience. The price of art is the energy and emotions it gives to those looking at it; in this sense, Natalya’s art works are priceless as one wants to look at them again and again... The scenes depicted on the canvas call us into the wonderful imaginary world of Natalya, which she gracefully shares with us; one just wants to live in that perfect and miraculous world....... Read more on Full Issue!

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