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Siam Living By: Maricel ‘celle’ Diaz

Recently, I had the chance to meet and interview Miss Supranational 2018 winner, the very lovely Valeria Vazquez Latorre from Puerto Rico. As Puerto Rico’s first ever winner of Miss Supranational, she shared with us her excitement as she officially embarked on her Supra Journey beginning her Asian tour here in Bangkok, Thailand.

Celle: Welcome to Thailand, Valeria! How are you today?

Valeria: Good, thank you! And you?

C: Good as well, thank you! So, this is your first international trip as Miss Supranational queen, how is it so far?

V: So far, it’s been going good. Just been passing through some jet lag and getting some rest and putting the schedules together with the organization, but so far I’ve been enjoying it.

C: That is good! And what do you think about Thailand? Are you enjoying your visit? And what do you like in here?

V: I like it. I like it that it’s very similar to my home like the climate and everything. And I like that the people are very…always smiling. I guess that’s why it’s called “The Land of Smiles”! They are friendly, actually it is a lot similar to my home country but a bit more warmer, their smiles… I think that’s what I like the most so far

C: I believe that this is your first visit to Asia, and Thailand is your first destination, What would you like to accomplish, like personal bucket list that you want to achieve or have?

V: I want to visit as much as I can. I always wanted to visit Thailand mostly to see your “ecotourism” part and I’m also very excited that I am going to go to an elephant sanctuary. I love elephants and they are my favorite animals. I’m very excited to actually see them. And in Puerto Rico we don’t have them, pretty much that.

C: And you will be staying here for two weeks. Can you share your official activities with us?

V: Besides media, meeting media for interviews, I am gonna be doing a meet and greet with Thai fans. In that meeting we will have the reigning Mister and Miss Supranational Thailand too. We have photo shoots, sightseeing obviously, sponsors meeting, and yeah, charity works! There’s so much in my head, I can’t put out everything well. [laughs]

C: I believe you are also visiting other Asian countries. What are they and what are you going to do?

V: After Thailand, I’m gonna go to Indonesia. We have the finals for Puteri Indonesia where we crown the Indonesian contestant for Supranational there. Also, we’re going to do some interviews there, after Indonesia we are going to Vietnam.

C: Busy days ahead for you! So now let’s go to more Miss Supranational questions. First, what do you wish to accomplish for the people and community as Miss Supranational?

V: Honestly, what I want to do during my reign is just to empower girls, giving them more confidence in themselves. It is something I truly believe in. During the competition, I mentioned that I truly believe in the slogan of this pageant which is “Fashion, Glamour and Natural Beauty”. I am very supportive of natural beauty and I am not one of those girls who always “glam-up” all day, with crown and everything. I like to keep it simple, be natural and just want girls to be more like themselves because nowadays, social media is so strong that we get a lot of bullying through it especially if you are a candidate for any kind of beauty pageant. I just want girls to be better and above themselves. I’ll try to work on that as much as I can with you guys.

C: So “natural beauty” is what you want to impart to everyone.

V: Yes, certainly.

C: Now let’s talk about your home country, Puerto Rico. What traits or culture you would like to share that the world must know about Puerto Rico?

V: The world pretty knows more about the musicians of Puerto Rico. You know, Daddy Yankee, Louis Fonsi, and yes, Ricky Martin. We have a lot of stars but uhm, people, I think, should really try our food. I always miss it when I go to trips. Most of the time people back home are happy and very resilient. For example, after Hurricane Maria people were very united and got together with their neighbors and made food for everyone and just stayed happy about everything despite what was going on.

C: What is your advice for ladies who wish to join Miss Supranational in the future?

V: Well, like I told you, “Stay true to yourself. Believe in yourself, be confident.” There’s no one who can’t do anything. For example in my case, a lot of people back home probably didn’t believe that I could actually get the crown for Miss Supranational and I proved them wrong! Here I am! And it is pretty much like that, believe in yourself and believe in your dreams—work for them cause no one’s going to work for them unless you do it and be confident about yourself.

C: Very well said. And lastly, what would you like to tell your fans and followers?

V: Well, I wanna meet everyone. Every time I go to a country, I want to meet every single one of you. And my message for all will always be and this sounds repetitive but I really, really want people to just believe in themselves, stay true to yourself, do not please others and just be confident about who you are.

C: Thank you so much, Valeria for this opportunity and for having me. Good luck to you and have fun on your visit here in Thailand and the rest of your trip!

Valeria Vazquez Latorre, Miss Supranational 2018

Valeria is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. This 25 year old, stunning lady is a successful model back in her country and is also a Medical Technology student. Valeria describes herself as ambitious, hardworking and confident person and that among her greatest loves are her dad, mom, her brother and her Yorkshire terrier pet, Zuko.

When she was crowned as 10 th Miss Supranational queen in December 2018, not only she became the first Puerto Rico representative to take home the title. But also made her the first ever candidate to win as Miss Supranational from the Caribbean. She was warmly welcomed by the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Mrs. Beatriz Rossello when she returned home after the pageant and then received a recognition by the Government of Puerto Rico for the national pride she has brought to the country just days before she begin her #SupraJourney.

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